• Michael K Williams and Kristin Wiig in The Spoils Before Dying. (SBS)Source: SBS
Nick Bhasin

13 May 2016 - 12:46 PM  UPDATED 13 May 2016 - 12:49 PM

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The Spoils Before Dying is weird parody at its best

“Weird parody”? I don’t know. Sounds pretty weird.

It is. But in a good way. This follow up to The Spoils of Babylon, a send up of 80s-style miniseries, features lots of overacting, absurd dialogue and a story that’s beside the point (a jazz musician is suspected of murder).

The gags come hard and fast and even if they don’t all land, you’ll have a good time anyway.

The only way I can have a good time watching TV is if I really like the actors. I like to think of them as my friends.

I see. Well, Will Ferrell is in it – his episode introductions are very funny. Kristen Wiig is in it. She’s tremendous. So is Maya Rudolph, Haley Joel Osment, Michael Sheen and The Wire’s Michael Kenneth Williams, who plays jazzman Rock Banyon.

And will they all be friends with me?

I’m not sure.

Whatever. Do I need to see The Spoils of Babylon to enjoy this?

No. It’s not a continued story. But you should watch that too at some point. It’s very funny.

Here’s the first episode of The Spoils Before Dying:


Oh god some of the best Chappelle’s Show sketches are together in a couple episodes

We’ve previously discussed how great this show is. If there has ever been a better sketch show, pound for pound, I haven’t heard of it.

What about Kids in the Hall?


Which sketches are included in this episode?

The Roots sketch (happy coincidence – SBS is getting the remake) and Popcopy, which features a pre-Scandal Guillermo Diaz, just to name a couple...

This episode is just as good and is only available for another two days, so hurry up and watch it:


Become uncomfortable with season 3 of Nathan for You

I think I heard about this. What is it?

Nathan Fielder goes around producing highly questionable growth strategies for small businesses.

Sounds uncomfortable.

Very. Fielder plays it really straight and lets the absurdity and awkwardness blossom all around him.

In the latest episode, he tries to help a sporting goods store secure a sponsorship deal with high profile athletes – when they’re children.

You have to experience it:


Join Danish soul sucking siblings Sophie and Sebastian on their soul-searching journey

That’s a lot of S words. Are they literally soul suckers?

That’s how they survive.

Why don’t they just suck blood like everyone else?

Well, they’re not vampires.

Then what are they? Why are they like that?

That’s what they’re trying to find out over the course of the series, all of which is on SBS On Demand.

Here’s the first episode:


Bring some incredible reggae into your life with The Harder They Come

You did a movie last week! What is this, the Film Forum Freakout?

I don't think that's the name of anything. You're just stringing F words together.

Stick to TV!

I will. I promise. I just wanted to mention that this movie has one of the best soundtracks of all time and should be watched for the music alone. That's it.

Is that it?

No, that’s not it. Jimmy Cliff stars as a poor kid from the country trying to make it as a singer in the Kingston, Jamaica.

I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica.

Well, now’s your chance:


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