• Trapped, Modus and Versailles, all coming to SBS On Demand (SBS)Source: SBS
Already the home for world drama on Australian TV, SBS is introducing an expansive new assortment of the globe’s best and most binge-worthy shows.
Jeremy Cassar

26 May 2016 - 12:07 PM  UPDATED 22 Dec 2016 - 12:10 PM

For decades, those with penchants for international cinema (as well as many a past-his-bedtime, pleasure-seeking teenage boy) have turned to SBS World Movies to get their foreign fix.

Now, the Special Broadcasting Service (in case you thought SBS stood for Stuff Being Subtitled) is further broadening the spectrum of Australian TV with a huge collection of drama series from around the world. These new series offer exciting and fresh settings, perspectives, cultures, and stories.

What’s on the menu?

From June 16 on SBS On Demand, you can choose from the Icelandic locked-island thriller Trapped, the French dystopian sci-fi Trepalium, the topical Afghanistan-set dramedy Kabul Kitchen, orthe House-esque Professor T. from Belgium.  

Then there’s James Nesbitt breaking bad in Northern Ireland’s The Secret, the romantic, the multi-generational war story of 1864: Denmark’s War, a head-fudge of serial-killer crime drama from Sweden called Modus, and the daring British family comedy - Raised By Wolves.

Finally, for Game of Thrones fans there’s Versailles – a brutal Franco-Canadian period piece about one of the most infamous and riveting characters of history - Louis XIV. Unlike the other seven that will appear on SBS On Demand as complete seasons, Versailles debuts with only its first two episodes. The rest of the series will be available in August.

If this is all too overwhelming, do not worry your weary, square eyes. We’ll be posting a handy, succinct, yet comprehensive guide to universe coming to your living room (and your laptop and your tablet and your phone).

Until then, check out our current selection of premium World Drama plus the trailers for the some of the new shows below:


Trepalium (France)


Trapped (Iceland)

Modus (Sweden)

1864: Denmark’s War (Denmark)

Kabul Kitchen (Afghanistan)

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