The divided city of future Paris isn’t one we’d want to visit, but it can’t be denied that the powerful side of Trepalium’s wall has invented some pretty cool stuff.
Jeremy Cassar

29 Jun 2016 - 9:43 AM  UPDATED 29 Jun 2016 - 9:43 AM

In Trepalium, now available on SBS On Demand, the vision of future Paris is haunting and foreboding. It’s a city where employment is currency; where 80 percent of unemployed Parisians are walled off in a poverty-stricken hellhole, leaving the remaining 20 percent who are gainfully employed to live in a deceptively magnificent metropolis.

But while none of us would opt to live in this particular speculative future, the elite Parisians have taken our existing technology to a logical and enviable place.


Let’s start with the “good side” of the wall... there’s no denying it’s one hell of a cityscape 


Closer up, and the architecture is just as impressive



Some interiors even implement Escher’s sensibilities, though no character has walked upside down thus far, so I’m guessing it’s a case of style over practicality


And if you work a surveillance job that you hated, at least your workplace looks plush


Though, anyone lucky enough to win the employment "lottery" to make it over the wall, or already working a menial job, isn’t living in one of the fancy looking buildings


This future has mastered the seamless, public projection of an image and they rub it in the poor’s faces with a series of images of how awesome it is on the other side


The employed are lucky enough to own the following phones


The rectangular edges glow and the thing is about the size of an NBA collector card


Speaking of cards, ID cards are interactive. The image of that guy’s face moves. Not sure why, but it does


And, of course, a multi-panel interactive glass wall is a must-have for those of means


Want a tattoo but prefer the pain to come all at once? Get yourself an instant tattoo



Though unfortunately most tattoos are unwanted, as this technology is used to brand the lower class


In other news, this future society has made great strides in the effective integration of artificial limbs


They also make pretty cool chairs


The police’s guns aren’t overly intimidating, but maybe that’s part of their effectiveness


An incongruity that is compensated by the most awesome invention of all: double-tap-to-open storage


All 6 episodes of Trepalium are available on SBS On Demand.

Watch the first episode right now:

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