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Applying for a job? Starting a new exciting career? Don’t bother - most occupations probably won’t exist in a decade, just as these didn’t exist back in 2006.
Jeremy Cassar

18 Aug 2016 - 11:59 AM  UPDATED 18 Aug 2016 - 11:59 AM

SBS On Demand's Trepalium is France’s big-budget premonition of how unemployment might shape a future metropolitan city.

Even though eighty percent of the Parisian population is unemployed, the comparative paradise that lies beyond the wall boasts a series of new occupations - multi-screen wall-panel tech support, instant tattoo designer, chairman of the Parisian Employment Lottery, among others.

It made us think: which of the jobs available in 2016 were around ten years ago? The following weren’t...


SEO specialist

The job title SEO specialist sounds more Jason Bourne than what it is – a position of authority when it comes to optimising a product or service for search trends. These Google pros are hired purely for their ability to get a page in front of you, analysing consumer usage patterns on similar content and coming up with specific words or terms that’ll help prioritise your content over others. In other words: they get stuff higher up in Google.


Social media manager

Us humans are no longer the only species to hold social media accounts. Nowadays you can add dogs, cats, companies and corporations to your friends list.

As we battle to tell the difference between a post from Mum and an ad from Monsanto, thousands of job-seekers are adding "social media savvy" to their resumes.

While maintaining a company’s social media presence is a battle on various fronts, the job description is whittled down to: sit on Facebook and pretend you’re everyone’s friend.


Darknet market harm reduction specialist

Thanks to Silk Road employee, murder target and eventual snitch Curtis Clark Green (aka "chronicpain"), we can’t imagine many libertarians would aspire to help ensure safe drug use on a black-market website, but as many illegal eBays still remain, the job does, too.

A harm reduction specialist’s day would involve monitoring online behaviours, checking vendors have the science behind the drugs in mind so as to tease out harmful product or intentions.

I don't know what the health care cover is like for this particular position, but the answer to that question lies in whether or not your local doctor takes bitcoin, which I’m still not completely sure exists.  

Cam girl entrepeneur

While webcams have been around for a while, their XXX counterparts have invaded the online porn world, proving a more tantalising and lucrative alternative to sex work.

A "camgirl" gives the illusion that she’s at home in her bedroom and sits there chatting to an open chat room until someone requests a private show. The prices attached to these shows are extortionate – capitalising on the primal impulses of lonely men.

Lonely men aside, it's kind of refreshing how much a camgirl can earn, considering what their job entails, but unfortunately these "bedrooms" are usually all in one building, and are run by some scoundrel.


Inventor of portable gluten tester

Specific, yes, but indicative of a more generalised occupation - servicing the woes of those with modern intolerances. While coeliac disease is a very real and concerning medical reality, it's something that not every Australian claiming a gluten intolerance actually suffers.

While this machine would serve the coeliac community well, anyone who worked on it would admit that, 10 years ago, nobody would have thought to make such a specific machine portable. Modern inventors can thank the next occupation for their success…


Crowdfunding campaign manager

In most situations, this is a volunteer position, but one that often promises a cut of future sales, so… paying it forward and all that.

In some situations, the product attracts such a reaction that managing the campaign is a full-time job in itself. Freelancers are often hired to man the online fort, ensure all donors are kept in the loop and have their queries addressed, and ensure media coverage is sufficiently positive.

As we’ve come to realise, it’s not always a great thing when massive funds appear out of nowhere, forcing someone with a dream to make it a reality as quickly as possible. The pressure is insurmountable, and the longer product delivery takes, the more online management is required.

It makes settling on a job to fund your future dreams seem serene in comparison.


Donald Trump presidential campaign worker

Ten years ago, the only campaign to run in Trump’s name was an advertising one. But the original star of The Apprentice is currently attempting to make his country great again. And he needs help.


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