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SBS On Demand's Trapped isn't the only show that will make you think twice about going somewhere else.
Gavin Scott

30 Jun 2016 - 1:50 PM  UPDATED 30 Jun 2016 - 1:50 PM

There are plenty of television shows that make you want to take off on your next overseas adventure. Travel series like Getaway, The Trip and Joanna Lumley's Nile provide inspiration for new destinations to visit and encouragement to book those flights as soon as possible. 

Then there are shows like new Icelandic drama Trapped, now available on SBS On Demand, which make you never want to take a trip again. After a body is found washed up ashore in remote Seyðisfjörður, the passengers on a ferry are forced to disembark until the police can work out what's going on. Naturally, that kind of puts a downer on the vacay.

It's just the latest TV series to show the potential downside to travel. Here are a few others...



Granted, even if your plane did go down between Sydney and Los Angeles, it's not likely you'd crash land on an island inhabited by polar bears, vicious Others and a smoke monster. Still, Lost's plane crash scene (seen below in 24-style) was unsettling enough to give any frequent flyer pause.


Bangkok Hilton

We all know now not to carry anyone else's luggage or to allow other passengers access to your bags, but it was a more innocent time in the '80s. In this classic Australia miniseries, poor Nicole Kidman finds herself banged up in Thailand when drugs turn up in a camera case she's carrying. The nightmare scenario was the ultimate cautionary tale for international travellers.


Air Crash Investigation

Yes, planes sometimes run into trouble, but do we really want to know every last detail of a crash or disaster? Since this factual series has racked up 16 seasons, it would appear that a lot of us do.


Hotel Hell/Hotel Impossible

These two series - the former featuring Gordon Ramsay; the latter starring Anthony Melchiorri - do for staying in hotels what Kitchen Nightmares has done for eating out. Sometimes it's better not to know what's going on behind the scenes.


What Happens In Kavos/Holiday Reps/Club Reps

The upside of these young Brits abroad reality shows is that they indicate which European holiday resorts to avoid at all costs unless a) you're 18-21, b) you want to get blind drunk and fall asleep in a pool of your own vomit, and c) you want to come home with more STDs than you took away with you.


Coach Trip

The only thing worse than being stuck on a coach with a busload of awful people is to have to vote each other off - and then get back on the coach with people you might have tried to eliminate. This long-running British reality series is a reminder that bus tours are rarely enjoyable.


The Love Boat

Like on coach trips, there is no escape on cruises. You see the same awful people day in, day out. And if you were a passenger on the Pacific Princess, chances are you'd be stuck having to listen to Charo singing.


The Amazing Race

One drawback to overseas travel - especially to anywhere remotely popular - is that you are going to have to deal with other tourists. Especially ones who think the way to communicate with the locals is to speak English louder and slower. Yes, they won't all be running around with camera crews trying to complete tasks - but at least the teams on The Amazing Race are on their way relatively quickly.


The entire series of Trapped is available on SBS On Demand.

Watch the first episode right here:

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