Another unimpeachable collection of what to watch on SBS On Demand.
Shane Cubis

17 Jun 2016 - 1:55 PM  UPDATED 17 Jun 2016 - 2:20 PM

Welcome to The Weekly Binge, a column by The Guide dogsbody Shane Cubis, who takes you on a delightful jaunt through the TV highlights on SBS On Demand.

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Spy on everyone’s worst day ever with 24 Hours in Emergency

Look, I know you mean well, but if I want to spend 24 hours in Emergency, I’ll go to my local hospital.

The benefit here is that you’re actually watching 46 minutes and 28 seconds of the highlights from a given day in the Emergency Department of a British hospital. So there’s no boring waiting around for someone to throw up or bleed everywhere. And the other benefit is that it’s significantly less likely you’ll get a staph infection and die.

You have some compelling arguments. What else can I expect?

How do you feel about a 40-year-old betting shop owner losing control of his Land Rover on a country road?

You had me at “40-year-old”.

Really? You’re easily pleased.


Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies is an expansive history

Geez, you’ve really picked some upbeat viewing this week, haven’t you?

This is a fascinating series, I’ll have you know. It’s the complete historical story of cancer, from Ancient Egypt to today.

Is it depressing, though?

Obviously. But this episode, “The Blind Men and The Elephant”, is about the big funding push into medical research from 1971 on. So it’s partially about that side of things. The advance of medicine and all that.

And the other side of things?

Yes, well, it’s contrasted with the story of a surgical oncologist, Dr Lori Wilson, who was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2014 and has to cope with the physical and emotional impact of it all. But that makes for a better story!


Learn the ropes (and garrottes) with Assassination Classroom

How would you sum up the tone of this cartoon series in one sentence?

Easy: “A tentacled sensei is out to conquer the classroom after destroying seventy per cent of the moon.”

That... sounds incredible.

Pretty much. I feel like anything else I say here will only be gilding the lily.


The Mulka Project is about a group that sustains and protects Yolngu cultural knowledge in Northeast Arnhem Land

What does “mulka” mean?

Two things, actually! A “sacred but public ceremony” and “to hold or protect”.

That’s three things.

OK, “mulka” means three things.


Discover Australia with Simon Reeve

Ummm, Simon Reeve didn't discover Australia.

What I mean is that we’re seeing our home through an outsider’s eyes. Simon begins his journey across the continent from the Red Centre before heading down to South Australia and --

Can you really start a journey “across” a continent from the centre of it? Then head south?


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