Another unimpeachable collection of what to watch on SBS On Demand.
Shane Cubis

24 Jun 2016 - 1:44 PM  UPDATED 24 Jun 2016 - 1:44 PM

Welcome to The Weekly Binge, a column by The Guide dogsbody Shane Cubis, who takes you on a delightful jaunt through the TV highlights on SBS On Demand.

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Iceland does crime drama in Trapped

I’ve seen ads for this – what’s the story with that burly beardy bloke?

That’s Ólafur Darri Ólafsson. He’s become a sex symbol in Iceland because of this show.

Do their local gossip mags try to link him and Björk romantically?

Totally! They’re always circling his baby bump, too. Well, his mutilated torso anyway. (That’s me linking this conversation back to Trapped.) Local police find a mutilated torso in a fishing net and it sparks the whole Nordic noir atmosphere of the series as Ólafur’s character tries to find out who it belongs to.

That segue was seamless. Unlike the torso.

Ha! One point to you.


Warm yourself up with Kabul Kitchen

Is this a cooking show from Afghanistan? Hosted by a British gourmand who tries exotic dishes from all parts of the war-torn nation?

Nope, it’s a French comedy series based on a true story.

Any cameos from Jamie Oliver? Anthony Bourdain? Gordon Ramsay? Karl Pilkington?

No, no, no and no. It’s about a guy called Jacky (Gilbert Melki), who runs a kitchen for French expats in Afghanistan, complete with alcohol, a swimming pool and bikini babes. The first episode starts us in 2005, when Jacky’s well-meaning daughter turns up with humanitarian intentions. Naturally, he tries to --

Gorden Kaye?

It’s nothing like ’Allo ’Allo! Also, Anthony Bourdain is American.


Refreeze those leftovers with Watchers of the North

I can’t wait to learn what that headline means.

It was meant to flow from the Kabul Kitchen write-up. It was either that or a Game of Thrones reference, so...


So there aren’t any leftovers, OK? It’s a fascinating series about Canadian Rangers – who are mostly Inuit – training for search and rescue missions in the remote north of Nunavit. This is the third episode, which sees them checking on a radar station and dealing with snowmobile breakdowns.

I would have gone with “Watchers of the North – it’s snow joking matter”.

That’s why you don’t get to do the headlines.


Ditch the desserts on a Sugar Free Farm

Shouldn’t there be a hyphen somewhere in that title?

Umm, probably... Who cares?

It’s confusing. Is it a farm that’s sugar-free, or a sugary free-farm?

The first one. It’s about six UK celebs who have to go entirely without the sweet stuff for two weeks while they live and work on a farm. One of them is the guy from that quiz show, The Chase.

I’m in.

Great to hear.


Slow sex trafficking to amber with Red Light/Green Light

That’s quite a clever name for a documentary about the global fight to stop sex trafficking.

I agree. Especially because it’s also partially about legalising prostitution in different countries.

Probably didn’t need you piggybacking on it with your “amber” call.

I thought it was a clever way to gesture at the idea of governments taking their foot off the legislative accelerator to examine the roots of sexual exploitation before making kneejerk rulings. The unofficial tagline of the film is “How can we prevent sexual exploitation before it happens in the first place?”

Hmmm, alright. Point to you.


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