The Goddam Election! With John Safran, Troll Hunters, Nigella Bites, Angelby and 3AM: Sex, Drugs, New York
Shane Cubis

30 Jun 2016 - 2:38 PM  UPDATED 30 Jun 2016 - 2:38 PM

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Before you vote, watch The Goddamn Election! With John Safran

What time do the polls close?

Relax, you’ve got ages. They always buy too many sausages for election day.

If you say so. Why am I watching this?

Because John has become totally obsessed with religion lately, and this is about how faith is driving all these different elements of Australian politics.

Is it funny though?

Depends how seriously you take your beliefs, I suppose...


Troll Hunters takes the fight to keyboard warriors

Sweet! I used to watch this as a kid. My favourite troll was Graag Baarg, the club-swinging barbarian with a heart of malachite.

Uhhh, that show never existed. This is about internet trolls, and a beauty vlogger named Em Ford who hunts them down for their anonymous crimes.

Does she swing a club at them? 

Only in a metaphorical “name and shame” sense.


Get saucy with Nigella Bites

“Get saucy”? Seriously?

I’m ignoring you. Anyway, she’s the one who called the show Nigella Bites.

It’s different when she says it about herself. 

Still ignoring. This episode’s dedicated to her favourite weekend foods, like Greek lamb stew and Clementine cake. 


Set aside 12 or so hours for an Angelby marathon

Promoting a marathon in a column called The Weekly Binge? How much spare time do you think I have?

You don’t have to watch it all at once. But you’ll want to. Because Angelby is excellent.

Is it one of these Nordic Noir shows you keep going on about?

Well, it’s Swedish. And it’s about a woman who loses her job and husband, so she picks up with her kids and moves to a small town for work.

Does she kill somebody, either on purpose or by accident?



Stay up super-late for 3AM: Sex, Drugs, New York

You’ve named two of my favourite things in that title. 

Is one of them 3AM?


OK, well this is hosted by Instagram sensation The Fat Jew, who introduces us to the darkest, weirdest parts of the city.

Like that shop that only sells Big Lebowski merchandise?

More like escorts who dream of being professional photographers and professional photographers who take racy nightlife snaps. They probably drink a lot of coffee to stay up all night, too.

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