• Caitlin Moran - the legendary hilarious writer and Tweeter behind 'Raised by Wolves' (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
Big wit, big hair, big opinions: Caitlin Moran, the fab feminist icon you can't believe you didn't know about.
Jenna Martin

5 Jul 2016 - 1:31 PM  UPDATED 5 Jul 2016 - 1:31 PM

If you don’t yet know Caitlin Moran then frankly, what is wrong with you? 

“Writing the F**k out of S**t since 1992” (her words, not mine), Moran has published five books, won enough lit awards to fill a trophy cabinet and currently has not one, not two, but three regular columns in London newspaper The Times.

She’s also an obsessive tweeter, sharing her brilliantly succinct opinions on everything from #Brexit to the death of David Bowie to what it means to be a feminist. With over 570,000 followers, she regularly tops lists of the most influential Brits on Twitter.

But in case you need more reasons to love her, she also has a fantastic new TV series. Raised by Wolves is loosely based on Caitlin’s unconventional childhood growing up with a single mum in 1980s Wolverhampton and it’s brilliant - the perfect blend of hilarious, bizarre and real that is her trademark. Before you tune in, whet your appetite with a few of Caitlin’s finest one liners… in 140 characters. 


On the daily terror that comes with eating beetroot


When she perfectly summed up the puzzle that is Justin Bieber


That time she let her daughter take over her Twitter for an hour…


...and celebrated her own kid’s gullibility


When she was as bemused as everyone else at the thought of British PM David Cameron, um, being intimate with livestock


And when she was all of us on a Sunday morning


When she encouraged us to let our freak flags fly


And told us all how much she loves David Bowie


She even dressed up like him


She was completely wrecked when he died


No seriously, she loved him much more than you did


When she stuck it to the man


And envisioned the party to beat all parties


When she was every woman, every six to eight weeks


And every woman, every day


On film? She has opinions


She knows a thing or two about cup size


When she did a twitter AMA and offered this brilliant time saving advice


When she came up with the most terrifying Halloween costume ever


And perfectly summed up how easy feminism should be


And then- just the other day- when she perfectly summed up why feminism is so important, and why there’s so much further to go

Discover more of Caitlin Moran's humour in Raised by Wolves available to watch on SBS On Demand now.

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