• Pauline Hanson poses with host Tony Jones following her appearance on ABC's Q & A. Image via Pauline Hanson (Facebook)Source: Facebook
Pauline Hanson made an appearance on ABC's Q&A and unsurprisingly, quickly made waves on Twitter.
Genevieve Dwyer

19 Jul 2016 - 10:14 AM  UPDATED 1 Aug 2016 - 9:55 AM

When Senator elect Hanson's appearance on the ABC's panel show was announced, it was apparently such a surprise to her loyalists, that she took to Facebook to explain to them just why she was appearing on it:

Appearing alongside Labor's Sam Dastyari, the Greens' Larissa Waters, it was perhaps unsurprising when a large part of the evening's debate centred around Islamophobia and immigration laws - particularly following Sonia Kruger's highly publicised remarks yesterday suggesting that Muslim immigration should be halted. 

Probably the most memorable moment of the evening though came when Pauline Hanson appeared apparently taken aback to learn that Dastyari, whom the producer's had seated her next to, was Muslim. Watch the moment unfold below.

It didn't take long for Twitter to explode in reaction:

Perhaps one of the funniest reactions of the night though was from from fellow panelist, Greens Senator Larissa Waters, who responded to Hanson's "I'm surprised. I didn't know that about you," by interjecting with, "Because he doesn't have three heads?"

The majority of Tweets appeared to be accusing Hanson of reacting in horror to finding out she was sitting next to a Muslim, however Hanson actually seemed keen to establish whether Dastyari is actually a practicing Muslim. “Were you sworn in under the Koran?” she asked.

"You're a practising Muslim?”

It was only after the show that Senator Dastyari confirmed that he considers himself a non-practicing Muslim:

As detailed in this SBS News profile from the Politicians Born Abroad series last year, Dastyari was born in Iran, migrating to Australia with his family at the age of five.  

Sam Dastyari, the ‘funny looking kid in the wrong uniform’
From one battle zone to another, the journey from northern Iran to the halls of Parliament House has been one marked by intolerance and ‘idiots’ for Sam Dastyari.

Another memorable moment came courtesy of one audience member (and Guy Sebastian lookalike) who one-upped Dastyari's post-election invitation for Hanson to join him for a Halal Snack Pack (which she refused) by inviting her to dine on a Haram Snack Pack with him and his family. 

Let Labor's Sam Dastyari show you how to make the perfect Halal Snack Pack

Twitter was swift to respond to this too, with #HaramSnackPack quickly becoming a trending hashtag:

Unpacking the halal snack pack

So how did Senator-elect Hanson feel after facing her critics? For now, at least, it seems she's undecided:


See more of Pauline, her commentators and the infamous fish and chip shop where it all began in Pauline Hanson: Please Explain! Available to view at SBS On Demand now.

Or watch it right here:

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