• The Hall of Mirrors (National Gallery of Australia)Source: National Gallery of Australia
The National Gallery of Australia in Canberra will exhibit over 100 items from the famed French palace in December.
Jenna Martin

19 Jul 2016 - 3:16 PM  UPDATED 8 Aug 2016 - 2:54 PM

If you’ve been watching Versailles on SBS On Demand and can’t get enough of those bed-hopping, extravagant-living, luscious-locked French Royals then you’re in luck!

If you’re watching it just for the sex, well… I can’t really help you. But if you’re tuning in to swoon over the lavish interiors, décor and lifestyles of the royal, rich and famous then have I got news for you: Cancel that flight to Paris - you don’t have to schlep all that way to see the Sun King’s Palace in all its gilded glory, because it’s coming Down Under in December.

For the first time ever, more than 130 items from the palace and gardens are heading to Australia as part of a sumptuous exhibition: Versailles: Treasures from the Palace, at the National Gallery in Canberra. We’re talking priceless works of art, intricate tapestries, furniture, marble statues and personal belongings of Marie Antoinette, the various Louies’ and other assorted royals, lovers and mistresses.

Just how exclusive is this? Well let’s put it this way, when the collection hits Aussie soil in December, it’ll be the first time many of these items have ever left France - let alone Europe - so it’s a pretty big deal.

You’ll be able to see everything from Marie Antoinette’s harp...

... to this gigantic, 1.5 tonne fountain...

... and there’ll be plenty of chances to interact with the past and get up close and personal with the Royal Family through multimedia exhibits and presentations. There’ll also be special programs just for kids along with a number of public events to coincide with the exhibit.

While it won’t be quite the same as strolling the manicured gardens and admiring yourself from all angles in the famed hall of mirrors, it’ll be pretty darn close, with the gallery keen to immerse visitors in the “power, passion and luxury” of Versailles. “If ever absolute power can be expressed through unbridled opulence,” said Gerard Vaughan, director of the National Gallery, “this is it.”

Sex. Power. Passion. Luxury. Opulence… the only question now is, will there be cake?

Versailles: Treasures from the Palace is at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra from December. For more info and to book tickets go here.

Watch Versailles each week from Thursday, 25 August at 9.30pm (AEST) on SBS.

After they air, all episodes will be available on SBS On Demand.

Catch a sneak peek of the first episode right here:

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