• Lisa and David Oldfield attend the Dolly Teen Choice Awards in 2006 (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
The wife of One Nation founder David Oldfield has been announced as one of the cast members of the latest instalment of Foxtel show 'Real Housewives'.
Genevieve Dwyer

22 Jul 2016 - 4:36 PM  UPDATED 1 Aug 2016 - 9:54 AM

The international reality franchise will this season be set in Sydney - the second Australian location for the show, which has previously shot seasons in Melbourne after heading down under from the States, where it has been set in various locations around the country.

A new city means new cast-members - and they were unveiled today at an event at the Park Hyatt in Sydney as: Athena Levendi, Krissy Marsh, Lisa Oldfield, Matty Samaei, Melissa Tkautz, Nicole O’Neil, Victoria Rees.

Don't worry if you don't know who all these people are, the main criteria to be considered for the format is apparently just that you're shacked up with a wealthy bloke and are prone to attracting drama.

Most interestingly though drama queens in this series is Lisa Oldfield - aka the other half to One Nation founder David Oldfield:


Foxtel described Lisa in their announcement of for The Real Housewives of Sydney  as “no stranger to controversy and being in the spotlight."

"Opinionated, provocative and passionate, she is a media commentator, seasoned world traveler, astute business woman and savvy tech guru. She is also a mother of two young boys and lives on the Northern Beaches with her family.

If her recent Instagram snaps are anything to go by, it seems Lisa's been positioning herself for the role for quite some time:

In fact, her Instagram feed recently proved itself to be a Housewives-worthy source of drama recently when she was called out for using it to bodyshame an unsuspecting member of the public. On a flight to Hawaii, Lisa  posted a picture of a fellow passenger, captioned "Nice to see #walda #frey getting away from #winterfell #got #hawaii #fatf***"

Apparently attempting to explain her earlier post, Oldfield seemed to make things worse in follow-up comments: "Walda couldn't fit in to an economy seat so was bumped to first."

"Me in bra and knickers was 100 times less offensive than her clothed."

Lisa's not the only Oldfield to have delved into the reality TV format either. Let's not forget that David also did a stint on Seven's  Australian Celebrity Survivor, back in 2006...


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