• Pauline Hanson livestreams herself watching the SBS documentary Pauline Hanson: Please Explain! (Facebook)Source: Facebook
So meta.
Genevieve Dwyer

1 Aug 2016 - 11:24 AM  UPDATED 1 Aug 2016 - 11:24 AM

If watching Pauline Hanson on SBS isn't enough for you, you can now watch Pauline Hanson watching Pauline Hanson.

Senator-elect Hanson last night live-streamed a video of herself watching and reacting to SBS Documentary Pauline Hanson: Please Explain!  in a kind of self-produced celebrity Gogglebox moment.

For the most part, Hanson just simply sits in silence watching the TV - but it seems to have been intriguing viewing for many Australians as it's now racked up over 90,000 views on Facebook.

You can watch the whole thing unfold below but to truly maximise the  experience, we recommend opening and watching the full documentary HERE on SBS On Demand in one window and the Facebook Live video in another window.

Here's the Facebook Live video:

Here's the documentary in full for catch up on SBS On Demand:

At the start Hanson makes it clear that she's pretty skeptical about the whole thing and will be keeping tabs on SBS to ensure she's happy with how she's portrayed.

In the end thought, her final review seems pretty non-committal though.  

"I just don’t know how I feel,"she says. "I suppose it’s up to the people how they feel about it."

"I don’t know. A lot of parts were the truth."

Her parting message is: "What I would say to a lot of people is keep standing up for what you believe in."

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