• The average age of The Hip Op-eration Crew members is 79. (Photo: Brad Churcher)
From hip-hop to hens, senior citizens will surprise you.
Shane Cubis

9 Aug 2016 - 11:34 AM  UPDATED 11 Aug 2016 - 4:03 PM

The world’s oldest hip-hop crew are taking over. They’re called Hip Op-eration, the average age is 79, and they've just been featured on Dateline. But it isn’t just geriatric street musos from New Zealand who are making a name for themselves in the field of beyond-retirement coolness.

In fact, SBS On Demand has plenty of viewing that’ll make you rethink those stereotypes about bingo, knitting and old biscuits.  


Cutie and the Boxer

Forty years of marriage is a big deal for any couple, but imagine what goes on in the relationship that exists between a boxing painter and his wife (unpaid assistant, receptionist and chef). Noriko is also an artist, and she tells her story through the character of “Cutie”, in comic-book format. Intrigued? You should be.



A 58-year-old divorcee (her name’s in the title) meets an older man and they begin a romance. That’s where this Chilean-Spanish drama kicks off, and there’s plenty of uplifting and thoughtful cinema expanding from there. Words like “honest”, “sweet” and “poignant” have been bandied about regarding Gloria, and you should add it to your playlist.

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“My 93-Year-Old Flatmate” (Dateline)

This fascinating look inside a unique Dutch nursing home does a great deal to change perspectives on what getting old means. Students live rent-free in the Humanitas community near Amsterdam on one condition – they socialise with the elderly residents for at least 30 hours a week. That means jigsaw puzzles, conversations about sex and beer pong.

We are not invisible
One man’s inspiring mission to show the world what his grandmother taught him: old people are cool.

The Age of Loneliness

This British doco isn’t exclusively about the elderly, but that segment of the population make up some of the 13 people it focuses on. Solitude is at the core here, as each subject reveals the unique circumstances that led to them being alone – without friends, family or a shoulder to cry on. An enthralling look at how the modern world can leave people behind.


Man of Flowers

An Aussie classic from 1983, Man of Flowers follows elderly eccentric Charles Bremer, who has four passions in life: art, music, flowers and watching beautiful women undress. What more can you ask from a movie – except that it was co-written by the late Bob Ellis?


Ping Pong

It’s an Olympic sport, and not one to be sneezed at, but this documentary focuses on eight competitive table tennis players who are aged 80 and over. Follow them as they train for a world championship in Mongolia. “Never say die” is more than a motto for this lot, who’ll make you tired just watching. 

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“That Old Question" (Insight)

Aged care is a fraught issue, especially since our population is trending older – more and more people are living to 100, and the number of people 70 and over will triple across the nest 40 years. There are many issues arising from this, but housing is the focus of this episode. Where do older Australians want to live? Are we doing right by them… and our future selves?


Memories of My Melancholy Whores

Based on the 2004 novella by Gabriel García Márquez, this joint production by Spain, Denmark and Mexico follows a 90-year-old man looking for sex with a young prostitute. Don’t worry, it gets more heartwarming from there.


“Hensioners and the Power of Therapy Animals” (The Feed)

Keeping chickens as pets is exactly the kind of left-field thinking that can do wonders for an isolated community. Henpower is a program run across 20 aged-care facilities in New South Wales, where the residents look after – and are looked after by – chooks. Apparently it’s been very good for dealing with depression, anxiety and dementia. Plus there are eggs… 


Watch Dateline's "Growing Old Disgracefully" right here:

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