This week, I'm living for the lowkey Taylor Swift shade and seeing Mindy get into some hi-jinks as she pretends Danny is dead in order to sell her apartment.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

6 Sep 2016 - 9:52 AM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2016 - 9:52 AM

1. We're off with a cold open that describes Mindy's aesthetic as "slutty-anime-character-level hot". Like, same.

2. It’s nice seeing Mindy be able to ~do it all on her own~... even if it does mean shaving her legs and making pancakes simultaneously.

3. The character assassination of Danny in season 4 is literally so real. Like okay, Mindy shoots off an email being like “don’t worry babe, I have everything under control” and the only response he has is to question the one thing she didn’t do?

4. She’s right to keep that apartment, tbh.

5. Mindy’s office is so aesthetically pleasing though. That bookshelf desk.

6. Danny says that the fact that Mindy has "slayed" a bunch of guys in her apartment is "all the more reason" to sell it. Nice look. #masculinitysofragile tbhhhh.

7. The friendship between Peter and Mindy gives me life.

8. I wish Adam Pally didn't have more going on in his career so that he could be back on the show full-time.

9. The fact that Peter knows Mindy owns a “mesh party bra” is incredible and the fact that he wants to wear it is even better.

10. Peter: “Let’s party!” Mindy: “Let’s watch Dora the Explorer!” Mindy, wyd? Get a babysitter!

11. Mindy calling her apartment the “Poontang Palace” is so gross I love it.

12. Mindy complaining about the fact that this exclusive club of “richos” wouldn’t let her join because her application was “quote - ‘covered in sauce’” in honestly very relatable.

13. OMG Kevin Smith cameo.

14. I need to watch Clerks again.

15. I love that this cameo has no explanation for how Mindy knows Kevin Smith, but he knows that she loves fried chicken.

16. Oh no Mindy, James Woods thinks Danny is dead!

17. To be fair, “he’s with his Dad now” is incredibly misleading without context.

18. Tamra’s a secret singer! What a queen.

19. Morgan not having the money for two Cokes is me AF when it’s right before payday.

20. “All I told James is that I was doing this all alone because Danny was gone and he was with his father…” Oop, there it is.

21. Mindy agreeing to go to a bereavement group because it sounds “fun… and sad, of course” to get this old widow to buy her apartment. What kind of Joanne the Scammer realness????

22. Tamra is so beautiful, honestly. Like, I wouldn't be mad if there was less Mindy and Danny drama and more Tamra hijinks, either.

23. OMG no tell me she’s not singing about Morgan.

24. This is so insane. Tamra, love yourself girl.

25. “Why’d I go and date, a damn male nurse.” Tamra nooooooo.

26. Tamra is literally singing about the smell of Morgan’s grandmother’s house I am dying lmao.

27. Morgan’s gonna make a scene in 3, 2… yup, there he goes.

28. Hahaha Mindy is so mad that Peter just stole her story for how Danny “died” at this bereavement meeting.

29. “I was just using the details of our breakup to be more relatable… like Taylor Swift does” hahaha. Savage. Accurate, but savage.

30. Taylor Swift is watching The Mindy Project somewhere like:

31. Peter is such a shit for ditching Mindy at this bizarre Nike / bereavement party.

32. Mindy would do the same to him though so it’s fine.

33. OMG Tamra definitely still has feelings for Morgan, aww.

34. Aw, now Peter is having to deliver the hard truth to Mindy about Danny.

35. Oh no I’m going to cry.

36. “Danny is the one in our relationship who makes all the decisions, and I… kind of, abide by them.” Oh no, Mindy you’re breaking my heart.

37. Aw Peter stole Mindy some sneakers because they reminded him of her.

38. “They’re bold, tough, and totally inappropriate for work” MY HEART, their friendship is so cute.


40. "Now's not a good time" EXCUSE ME DANNY CALL YOUR BABY MAMA.


42. OMG he’s not going to answer.

43. Wait. OMG. Danny’s ringtone.

44. Danny’s back I AM SOBBING.

45. I wonder how much it cost them to use Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” in this episode.



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