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7 Sep 2016 - 10:53 AM  UPDATED 7 Sep 2016 - 11:35 AM

"Muslim, Trans and Banned: Religious Police in Malaysia" (Dateline)

Dateline joins the country’s religious police as they carry out night-time raids and arrest people in the streets, finding a community living in fear in a country described as one of the world’s worst places to be transgender.


Bree Osbourne, formerly Stanley Chupak, has finally been approved for male-to-female sexual reassignment surgery. That’s when she gets a call from a 17-year-old boy who says Stanley is his biological father. Bree bails Toby out of jail – not telling him who she is – and they embark on a road trip to Los Angeles. Stars Felicity Huffman.



Zoé Héran, who plays the 10-year-old lead in this acclaimed bittersweet French film, received glowing reviews. The movie follows her character, Laure, whose family moves to a new Paris neighbourhood. Laure tells all the new kids her name is Mikäel and begins to live as a boy outside the house – a secret the young boy keeps from his parents.

Insight: Love Transformed

Insight looks at the unique and dramatic challenge of changing gender within a relationship. The show talks to people about being the partner or child or parent of a person who comes out as trans.

Open Up to Me 

This Finnish film tells the story of Maarit, a woman who has just completed sexual reassignment surgery. The film follows Maarit as she tries to rebuild her relationship with her teenage daughter and looks for a man to spend her life with.

"High Heels and Hijabs: Transgender Rights in Indonesia" (Dateline)

Dateline takes a close look at the rights of transgender citizens living in the world’s largest Muslim country.

Beautiful Boxer

This biographical sports film created controversy in Thailand for its full frontal nudity which was cut for the Thai version. The film follows Parinya Charoenphol, a transgender Thai boxing champion. As a 16-year-old she captured the media’s attention after competing in makeup and defeating larger, more muscular opponents.


In Greek mythology, Tiresias was a blind prophet of Apollo in Thebes, famous for clairvoyance and for being transformed into a woman for seven years. In this modern French retelling, a Brazillian a trans woman is kidnapped and left to die in the woods. She is then saved by a family and receives the gift of telling the future.

Bonus: Segments from SBS’s The Feed

SBS’s daily dose of news, current affairs and humour has done several segments on Transgender Australians. Here are two of our favourites:

"Coming out as Trans in Wagga Wagga"

"Trans Teens"

More on trans issues across SBS:

Explainer: what treatment do young children receive for gender dysphoria and is it irreversible?
No four-year-olds in Australia are undergoing any irreversible treatment, despite media reports stating otherwise.
How do you move forward if you didn't know your best mate was transgender?
Is 25 years of friendship a lie if you didn't know your mate was living as the wrong gender? New Zealand mini-doco delves into an often under-explored aspect of transgender relationships, following the struggle of two long-term friends after one reveals she is transitioning into a woman.
Comment: The right to the right document for trans and gender diverse
Seven of Australia’s eight states and territories require surgery to change the sex marker on a birth certificate. But those laws could soon change, much to the relief of trans and gender diverse people.
Trans healthcare is a major headache for rural Australians
It can be tough for trans people in the bush, but there are signs of things getting better.
Joanna Lumley just casually revealed that her 'Ab Fab' character is transgender
"It's completely normal that Patsy is transgender," said the actress.
Caitlyn Jenner is joining 'Transparent' and fans are pissed
Caitlyn Jenner has landed her first ever dramatic role in the new season of critically acclaimed drama, 'Transparent'.