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It's a rough week for #Dandy shippers everywhere, but at least Mindy gets to say "judge, jury and sexecutioner".
Stephanie Marie Anderson

13 Sep 2016 - 11:27 AM  UPDATED 13 Sep 2016 - 11:49 AM

1. And we’re back.

2. Hello, this cold open is very hot tbh.

3. Hahaha Danny still saying “Woah Nelly” after sex.

4. Mindy calling Danny “Jeffrey Dahmer” for wanting to stare into her eyes after sex is iconic AF.

5. Oh my God Danny is praying while INSIDE OF MINDY.

6. DANNY WYD????

7. Never going to get over the fact that their kid is called Leo, literally just because I love Academy Award Winner Leonardo DiCaprio.

8. The character assassination of Danny Castellano continues.

9. Morgan hates Leo so much and it’s wonderful.

10. Mindy’s blood is “quote - ‘too greasy’” to donate. I love these weird little facts about the characters that they slide in.

11. This. Is. A. LOOK. Sal Perez is honestly one of the best costume designers in Hollywood.

12. Prince Harry tried to track Tamra’s ovulation to get her pregnant, and Morgan came out of the womb “all cold and grey… and healthy”. You guys, the throwaway lines of this show deliver me life.

13. Danny’s plan to secretly get Mindy pregnant is honestly terrible.

14. And Mindy feeling like she can’t bring it up with Danny is equally bad.

15. I am not enjoying the character assassination of Danny Castellano.

16. Mindy telling Jody that she doesn’t want to have another fight with Danny is breaking my heart. :(

17. Jody is right though, he definitely shouldn’t know more about their relationship than Danny.

18. You know we’re in a rough spot when Morgan is being genuinely more insightful than Danny.

19. Oop Danny just found Mindy’s birth control.

20. Mindy’s favourite movie is When Harry Met Sally and yet she’s still shocked to discover that a woman wrote it, lmao.

21. Honestly you’d think with all of Danny’s weird etiquette hang-ups that he wouldn’t be picking this very loud fight in a crowded cinema, but here we go.

22. I’m so embarrassed for both Danny and Mindy right now, this is excruciating.

23. “Every time that you disagree with something that I do, it’s a referendum on my character. If I wanna go to work, it means I’m a bad mother, if I wanna have a second glass of wine, it means I’m out of control… In your eyes, every single thing I do is more evidence that I am a bad person.” Yessss Mindy speak your mind my queen.

24. But also ow, my heart, I am sobbing.

25. At least Mindy is wearing another incredible outfit to distract me from this.

26. “Whenever you decide to do something, it’s selfless, and whenever I decide to do something, it’s selfish. You get to choose all the definitions. You’re the judge, the jury, which just leaves me to be the sexecutioner-sorry, not the right time but I had to.” THIS SHOW WHY AM I CRYING AND LAUGHING.

27. A rare Mindy-in-action at work scene, with a callback to the pilot in “Bad Girls” by M.I.A playing in the background. Yesssss, Mindy, remind us how good you are at your job we literally never see you doing.

28. Mindy just came home from her first delivery from the fertility clinic and Danny told her he wants to POSTPONE THE WEDDING.


30. Guys there are stronger words I’d like to be using here.


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