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It is a rough time to be a #Dandy shipper.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

21 Sep 2016 - 1:19 PM  UPDATED 21 Sep 2016 - 1:19 PM

1. Okay, the last episode was rough, but onto episode 13, let’s see how this fight between Danny and Mindy plays out.

2. It appears we are in a flashback episode!

3. Well this bickering is a lot more fun to watch than the mess we were left with last episode.

4. Oop, no. We’re in the present day and Danny and Mindy are bickering but it’s not fun at all.

5. Guys I know it’s a fictional show but they’re fighting on my birthday and I’m upset about it. (My birthday is DECEMBER 12TH if you want to send me presents XOXO)

6. I live for Mindy’s holiday ensembles.

7. Oh, okay, the ghost of Christmas-past Danny is currently plotting to get Mindy to quit. It is her first day.

8. Lmao past-Jeremy is such a perv-o.

9. Aw Mindy listening to her patients and showing us that she’s actually an excellent doctor.

10. “You’re a joke, Mindy,” - Danny, being a TOTAL DI --

11. Oh, you know what I just got?

12. Earlier in the episode Mindy said that she hates Wicked because “origin stories are dumb” but THIS IS LITERALLY AN ORIGIN STORY THAT WE ARE WATCHING.

13. HA!

14. Oh my God I’m an idiot.

15. Anyway we just got the origin story for Danny’s red glasses.

16. Aw now Danny is helping Mindy unpack her office - if her giant armoire fits, she’ll stay.

17. (It does, duh).

18. Danny and Mindy’s first “selfer”.

19. Oh no we’re back in the present day again.

20. Oh noooo Mindy is measuring Leo’s crib.

21. Oh nooooooo she’s on the train.



24. The crib is going to fit in Mindy’s formerly giant closet and now she's sitting in it and sobbing.

25. I am sobbing also.

26. Mindy just took the For Sale sign out of the window and went home to Danny.

27. But she knows.

28. And we know.

29. The end.


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