One of the most vital voices in US comedy, Samantha Bee, has been irrepressible throughout the US election campaign. Bless her.
Jeremy Cassar

27 Oct 2016 - 1:38 PM  UPDATED 27 Oct 2016 - 2:08 PM

As impressive a debut season as Jon Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee sauntered onto our screens in early 2016 and only grew more confident by the episode.

Acerbic, literate, and with a natural knack for delivering satire, Bee’s spent the season with her stinger set on the US political process, and namely on the this year’s ground-breaking race to the White House.

With all shameless bee-related wordplay in mind, here are but a mere few of the many spot-on segments from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Sam Bee VS Trump’s tic tacs

Political satirists—and heck, most of us everyday folk—had a field day when a 2005 Access Hollywood audio recording of a sickeningly immature Donald Trump spurting debasing remarks upon seeing a young woman, hit the world wide web. Bee’s response was most on point.

This samurai-sharp bit reduces the Reality TV star/presidential candidate to an ageing, seedy creep, labeling him and partner-in-crime Billy Bush as “two leering dildos” and that in wanting a tic tac before meeting a young woman “Trump was literally explaining a time-tested strategy for sexual assault.”


Sam Bee VS everyone’s two cents on Hillary

Here, Bee pointed out a pattern in media coverage leading up two the second presidential debate. A concerning level of superficiality plagues all talk of how Hillary should approach the next match-up—journalists trade strong and equally unnecessary opinions on how she should present and represent herself while sharing the stage with Trump.

Of course, condescension of this kind isn’t leveled on the male candidate. If anything, this mainly right-leaning reportage imply Trump’s body language is fine but Hillary’s requires a major rethink before round two.

As Bee runs the judgmental coverage back-to-back, the overall atmosphere is one of tired sexism that holds each candidate up to a separate set of standards.  

Sam Bee VS the final debate

The third and final debate in the 2016 presidential race was a trove of treasured moments, mostly from 'The Donald'. We’re sure Bee could have come up with a stinger (Bee version of zinger?) for every sentence uttered by the Republican candidate, but alas, Full Frontal isn’t long enough.

One of Bee’s best lines comes after a clip of Trump playing coy over whether he’ll accept the results of the election. In response, she groans:

“Oh, you’re so mysterious, M. Night Orange-Man.”

Sam Bee VS Trump supporters

One could easily believe this segment was staged. It is difficult to believe that this group of seemingly intelligent people in their 20s and 30s buy into Trump’s policies (or lack thereof) with such earnestness.

While Bee riffs with some hilarious follow-up questions after a Trump supporter puts down her whole shtick, most of the hilarity comes from her facial expressions at the words of these young pro-Trumpers.

Sam Bee VS a rigged election

Accusations of rigged elections and voter manipulation is fairly common, but never before has a candidate come out a month before booths open to claim the election will probably end up rigged. It's not unlike a kid claiming his finger might hurt right before a game of hand-ball.

Here, Bee throws to a Full Frontal correspondent who questions Trump supporters in relation to a possible rigging, and the answers are as concerning as they are a lark.

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Catch up with this weeks episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee over at SBS On Demand:

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