• From building disasters to power failures, there's a lot to overcome as Sarah Todd sets up a restaurant in Goa. (My Restaurant in India)Source: My Restaurant in India
Visit any cosmopolitan city and you’ll find an Aussie toiling away at their trade, trying to delight foreign palates with Australian devised dishes.
Jeremy Cassar

3 Nov 2016 - 3:34 PM  UPDATED 3 Nov 2016 - 3:37 PM

My Restaurant in India is SBS’s ongoing series that follows Masterchef contestant Sarah Todd as she, you guessed it, opens a restaurant in India.

While Todd might be the latest to steer her culinary cruise into international waters, local restaurateur’s have been stamping the Aussie flag at various points across the globe, from Bali to Paris to Tokyo, where it waves proudly.

Here are but a few of the most recent international openings.


Melbourne couple Diana and William Keser have taken their famed Melbourne café to the streets of Paris.

Most Aussies know you can’t get a good milk coffee in Paris, or at least, the ‘good’ us Aussies (and Kiwis) have come to revere. Hardware Societe is perched in the perfect position for those visiting the Sacre Coeur in Monmatre, and has already made its presence known to locals.

The brief given to the head chefs by the Kesers is simple: teach Parisians how to do brunch. Props to anyone with the stones to teach the Parisians how to sit down to anything.


Opening this month is another branch of trendy Melbourne restaurateur’s Proud Mary, in, of all places, the hipster capital of the universe — Portland.

Leaving behind his family to man his successful Australian establishments, Nolan Hirte plans to roast beans off-site and start selling his beans to other café’s in Portland, much like he’s done in his home city.


Award-winning Greek food in Japan? You’d be surprised how long Tokyo’s been waiting for a decent Greek restaurant, and from Easter this year they’ve been rewarded with some of the best Greek food you can buy.

Jonathan Barthelmess and Sam Christie opened the Tokyo branch with the exact same menu as their acclaimed Sydney restaurant, and the abundance of local seafood has brought their cuisine to the next level.


Opening this week is Maurice Terzini’s Indonesian answer to Sydney’s Iceberg’s, which he told goodfood.com is “North Bondi Italian food on steroids”, whatever that means.

The grand opening has been delayed for over six months, so the buzz surrounding Da Maria has reached breaking point, and is merely the first project Terzini has planned for Bali—the second being an elaborate beachfront club and hotel.


Moving from North Carlton, Melbourne, to one of the most eye-watering towns on earth must have been a hard task for Aussie restaurateur Gerald Diffey. Operating out of a sturdy old town building full of old stone and massive wooden beams, Diffey has made use of local markets and seasonal foods from the region, with a focus on bread, cheese and wine.

And considering his Melbourne hotspot has the seal of approval from both Heston and David Chang, we can only imagine the San Sebastian version going form strength to strength.


Using liquid nitrogen to bend the rules is N2’s game, and they’ve taken their Sydney and Melbourne mission statement to the streets of gorgeous Le Marais, Paris.

Capitalising on the enviable quality of French milk and cream, owner Ann Gee Yeoh has already ensnared Parisians with her many flavours, namely the Bonjour Paris, which is vanilla gelato with feuilletine layers, whipped vanilla cream and a shot of caramel sauce.

My Restaurant in India airs Thursday evenings at 9pm on SBS. 

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