Do you dare to follow in the footsteps of these spirit-hunting adventurers?
Shane Cubis

7 Nov 2016 - 3:41 PM  UPDATED 7 Nov 2016 - 3:41 PM

Hunter Page-Lochard and Zac James are braver than most people. They’re exploring the scariest places in Australia, tracking down the spirits and monsters of Indigenous folklore rumoured to exist among us. And if you’d like to boldly go where they have gone, here’s a guide to the top locations the boys visit in Shadow Trackers.

Investigate the Bunyip of Beaudesert

Located 70 kilometres south of Brisbane, Beaudesert is full of down-to-earth folk, burgeoning vineyards and rainforested surroundings. The cafe and restaurant scene is burgeoning along the main strip, and it’s a beautiful place to have a wedding or conference. Home to the Mununjali people, it’s also the stomping grounds of the Il-Bogan, a Bunyip who lurks in the region’s lagoon and rivers. So if you’re visiting one of the many national parks in the area, don’t get too close to the water.

Be transformed by the Murray Bridge Muldjewangk

Down in South Australia, Murray Bridge is 75 kilometres east-southeast of Adelaide. Points of interest in the town include the Monarto Zoo, Captain’s Cottage Museum and Murray Bridge Speedway, but there’s one thing they don’t mention in the tourist brochures. The Ngarrindjeri people of the area know all about the Muldjewangk, a creature that makes its home in the Murray River. Half man, half fish, it lies in wait for young men and women to come within reach, so it can drag them into the water and transform them into new versions of itself. Don’t worry – there’s plenty of accommodation in the area while you wait for your friend to re-emerge as a monster.

Ride the Devil Highway to Fitzroy Crossing

Over in Western Australia, 400 kilometres east of Broome, you’ll discover a small community in Bunuba country. In addition to the legendary Crossing Inn and great barramundi fishing, Fitzroy Crossing holds a stretch of road called the Devil Highway. Deserted once the sun goes down, this eerie path becomes filled with spirits that you should probably avoid if you know what’s good for you. Instead, while you’re in the area, visit Mimbi Caves and Geikie Gorge.

Confront the Poinciana Woman in Darwin

If you’re planning a trip to the Top End, perhaps to visit the Mindil Beach Sunset Market or see the Magnetic Termite Mounds, keep an eye out for the Poinciana Woman. You won’t miss her – she’s the unquiet spirit of a woman who was raped by Japanese fisherman at East Cove (on Larrakia land), and hanged herself from a poinciana tree after discovering she was pregnant. Now she stalks and kills men at night, so be careful around any long-haired beauties in white robes.


If you survive your encounter with her, Crocosaurus Cove is another cool place to interact with creatures that want to murder you.

Shadow Hunters airs Thursdays at 8.30pm on NITV. You can watch the show from its first episode on SBS On Demand:

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