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Currently aww’ing up SBS is UK import Supervet, a show that asks what happens when you cross an ailing animal with the perfect blend of compassion and ingenuity. Professor Noel Fitzpatrick sits at the cutting edge of creature treatment, and each episode he uses his knowledge, experience, and intuition to aid the sick and injured.

But what happens when the shoe is on the other paw?

Today’s list is all about animal heroics, moments where beasts both pet and wild step in and stop something heinous happening to a human.

Forman grilled by prowling cougar

We’re talking a female Golden Retriever named Angel and an actual full-sized cougar.

In 2010, young British Columbia resident Austin Forman was attacked by the cougar while in the safety of his backyard. The wild cat charged at the 11-year-old boy  only to be met with the deceptively adorable face of the Golden Retriever.

In other words, Angel threw herself between her owner and the cougar, and while she was a bit banged up, her wounds were mostly superficial.

She was given a huge slab of meat in appreciation. 

Three Lions follow the mantra ‘it’s only food’

So repugnant was the behavior of four Ethiopian men, that three lions saved a young girl from their clutches and instead turning her into a sharing plate, they waited by her side until help arrived.

The four men had kidnapped the twelve-year-old girl a week earlier and holed her up to be beaten, with the intention of later selling her off as a bride. The lions spotted the girl as they were moving locations, chased off the men, and returned to the forest once the cops arrived as if their deed was done.

Man jumps off golden gate bridge and into the arms of a water beast

Not to be confused with the big cats mentioned above, the Sea-Lion is more seal than lion—something akin to a wet, oversized ferret, and in this case an errant Sea-Lion ended up circling the waters beneath San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Meanwhile, 227 metres above, Kevin Hines was in the throes of psychosis and acted on the irrational impulse to end things. While he survived the jump, he was in no state to keep afloat, let alone swim.

Luckily, the Sea-Lion took position underneath and continuously bumped Hines’ head above water.

Yes, you read right. The Sea-Lion took position underneath and continuously bumped Hines’ head above water.

Potbellied Pig proves your pork is extremely intelligent

Lulu was given as a present to a girl who didn’t want her, so that girls’ mother —JoAnn— ended up the pig’s new owner.

Just when it seemed LuLu didn’t offer much in the way of…well, anything, JoAnn suffers a heart-attack while home alone. LuLu responds by bolting up to the highway, lying in the middle of a lane, failing to get anyone to stop, returning to check on JoAnn, then repeating the process until someone stopped.

JoAnn’s life was saved, and LuLu was given her favourite food (with which I can totally relate), a jelly (jam) doughnut (donut).

Rabbit double-ups as a portable defibrillator

Simon Steggal slipped into a diabetic coma at 42 years of age, but it took a moment for his wife Victoria to notice anything was wrong.

It may have taken her even longer, if not for their 9.5kg rabbit, Dory, who after clocking onto the change in her owner’s status, proceeded to thump rapidly on Steggal’s chest.

Victoria’s first reaction was to tell Dory to get down off the couch as she knows she’s not allowed up there, but then cottoned onto the fact that her husband wasn’t himself.

Upon waking up, Steggal remarked that back in the day, when his blood-sugar levels were low, his former pet (black Labrador) would cower in the corner as a reminder.

Supervet airs every Monday evening at 7:30PM on SBS. Catch up with the show on SBS On Demand: 

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