'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' offers up a who's-who of guest stars, so as we hit rewind and go back to season 1 on SBS VICELAND, we’re paying the best of the best due respect.
Jeremy Cassar

16 Nov 2016 - 5:32 PM  UPDATED 17 Jun 2019 - 4:55 PM

It's too soon to say goodbye to Brooklyn Nine Nine, so SBS VICELAND is going back to the beginning and returning to everyone's favourite precinct on Friday nights. 

Throughout the run of the series, Brooklyn Nine Nine boasted a wide-array of guest stars who get the chance to put on their silly hats. Here we list some of our favourites.

Nick Offerman 

When considering the list of actors that could have ended up playing Captain Holt’s ex-boyfriend, I’m sure whoever brought up Offerman’s name received a series of high fives. Offerman brings the hilarity and will also whittle you a flute.

Bill Hader

Anything Bill Hader touches turns to gold (or at least silver), so it’s no surprise that as ‘new Captain’ Seth Dozerman he lived (and died) making a lasting (and painfully anally-retentive) impression on the 99th precinct.

Bradley Whitford

As Jake’s absentee commercial airline pilot of a father, Whitford brings his unique sensibilities to a single-camera sitcom, showing more of his non-Josh Lyman abilities, just as he has recently as a Trans woman in Transparent, and as he does in brand new episodes of The Handmaid's Tale as Commander Lawrence (in a much less funny ha-ha way)

INTERVIEW with Bradley Whitford 


Fred Armisen

If an American comedian is going to suddenly appear behind the latch of a locked door looking awfully suspicious, it’s Portlandia’s Fred Armisen. These appearances are usually accompanied by a thick, non-descript European accent, and in Nine Nine’s case he confounds the fuzz with the spelling of his name.

Craig Robinson

Gracing us with his presence one episode per season, Jake’s like-minded arch enemy is always a welcome addition to any plotline, especially due to the fact his Doug Judy earned the moniker the Pontiac Bandit due to his grand theft of over 200 Pontiacs.

Matt Walsh

Always popping up to make a fool of himself in the least self-conscious way possible, Lohank dirties up Rosa’s desk with his incessant shaving. Of course, after Rosa gets him back by filling his locker with shaving cream, we learn that the detective’s home life is shattered, forcing Rosa to try and clean the locker before its too late.

Patton Oswalt

A fire marshall of questionable competence, Boone and Jake share an inter-departmental rivalry due to overlapping responsibilities, which makes when the two share teary-eyes over their respective daddy issues all the more enjoyable.

Chris Parnell

Since SNL alumni Chris Parnell appeared as Dr. Spaceman in 30 Rock, I could watch the man read the internet’s equivalent of the phonebook. I can’t remember exactly what he brought to his cameos, but I do remember the hilarity. Oh, the hilarity.

Jimmy Smits

Impressing a stock-standard father-of-your-partner is harrowing enough, but when that man is a growling Jimmy Smits, the daunt dial is turned up to full strength. These days, all Jimmy Smits has to do is say the lines and it’s hilarious.

Maya Rudolph

Popping up this season is SNL alumni, Bridesmaids Bride, Indie darling and Paul Thomas Anderson’s wife Maya Rudolph. We can’t wait to see the what, why and most importantly, WHEN?

Zooey Deschanel

The creators of Nine-Nine and New Girl have paid their respects to television of old with a crossover episode (you know, like if Alf and Steve Urkel went to a club together), bringing Zooey Deschanel’s Jess into the 99th precinct.

Brooklyn Nine Nine airs on SBS VICELAND Fridays after The X Files. Go back to the beginning at SBS On Demand:

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