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On this week's Travel Man, host Richard Ayoade is teamed up with former co-star Chris O'Dowd. It prompted us to look back at their glorious moments together on The I.T. Crowd.
Jeremy Cassar

21 Nov 2016 - 3:57 PM  UPDATED 12 Mar 2018 - 1:49 PM

The chemistry between Richard Ayoade, who we still like to think of as Maurice Moss, and Chris O’Dowd, best referred to as Roy Trenneman, is so great that it's easy to forget that their multi-camera sitcom laugh track existed.

The pair’s organic rapport is the best thing about the very funny The I.T. Crowd, so when we saw they are being reunited for the second season return of Travel Man, we wanted to remember some of their most memorable moments together.

Roy and Moss and a camera equals sexy time

Here’s Roy putting on his directors hat after a nude calendar with the ladies on the seventh floor didn’t eventuate.

Roy’s forced to hassle those around him and somehow get the motley crew to show sexy. This is what happens when you try to make Moss connect with his inner sexual energy, if he possesses any at all.

Moss steals three DVD’s for adventure

The best thing about this moment is when Moss reveals how thirsty he is to break out of his own skin, to go forward and attack life boldly. The delivery of the following line is just brilliant:

“I wanna taste the apple Roy. I wanna bite the electric tiger’s tail and ride it till the end of the motherflippin’ line.”

Moss and Roy prank a pizza place

The twosome take to prank calling with the expertise of a dead fish. Ordering a pizza has never been this ridiculous, but it’s Moss’ hyperbolic body language during the conversation that takes the cake.

Roy helps Moss prepare to face bullies

Moss is receiving daily hurtful comments from bench-perched bullies, and Roy wants his friend to stand up from himself. The solution? A roleplay.

Unfortunately Roy’s exercise doesn’t go to plan, though through it we get a sense of what is obviously a significant wound for Moss’ character .

Roy obsesses over his lady friend’s lie

If you were told that there was a fire at a Sea-Lion enclosure at the zoo, which would be your first qualifying question?

In this hilarious scene, Roy enlists Moss as a springboard, and dedicates all headspace to figuring out of this alleged fire is even possible, considering the overabundance of water at Sea Parks.

Later, Roy and moss build a model in an attempt to prove a fire was possible.

Roy and Moss reveal the extent of their love of football

That is, no extent at all. Roy gets a nice bit of satisfaction from ripping into the game, and Moss joins in on the bit in the least convincing fashion possible.

Moss kisses Roy

No explanation necessary.

Travel Man airs on SBS VICELAND Monday nights at 8pm. Every episode from the first 5 seasons of the show is also streaming now at SBS On Demand:

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