• The conservatively dressed, comedic angry man, Mark Humphries (The Feed)Source: The Feed
The Feed's conservatively-dressed, comedic angry man Mark Humphries has won a legion of fans with skewering satirical take-downs of Australia's most powerful.
28 Nov 2016 - 12:18 PM  UPDATED 28 Nov 2016 - 12:25 PM

More than ever, great satire is needed to call BS on political and social powerbrokers, especially after the fiasco of 2016 on all political fronts here in Australia and abroad.

With the slow demise of the The Daily Show without Jon Stewart and Stephen Cobert’s dedication to being himself behind the desk of The Late Show, we’ve been left a little aimless this year on the satirical front. Our saviours have been Samantha Bee with Full Frontal and John Oliver with Last Week Tonight. Add another name to that list of satirical champions: Mark Humphries at The Feed.

The Feed is home to Humphries’ comedic takedowns of varied political and social issues, co-written by Humphries and Evan Williams, which is ushering in a sublime new age of political satire in Australia. The truth is unveiled with ease when it’s wrapped in something funny. Humphries and Williams has mastered the art during their time at The Feed and continue to astound with their ability to decimate hot topics with their wit.

Here’s 10 of the best from Humphries and Williams.

10. Cricket in Crisis

An emergency broadcast on the state of Australian cricket and the way it smothers news coverage.

9. Vote Dick and Balls

A the end of the Australian Federal Election this year the fatigue for politics hit hard so Humphries provided a guide to voting that reflects how we really think about politics.

8. Swamped by One Nation Senators

Following Pauline Hanson’s speech in the senate, Humphries filed this response that highlighted how our country is under threat from a radical minority who are incompatible with our way of life – One Nation senators

7. Hands off Our Private Schools

Private schools are in threat of having their funding restricted due to “overfunding” which is a serious threat to the straw boater hat industry.

6. Where the Bloody Hell Do You Think You’re Going?

The latest Australian Tourism campaign brought to you by our most celebrated thinkers: Pauline Hanson and Sonia Kruger

5. Straight White Men

Earlier this year Scott Morrison MP said he understood the hatred and bigotry directed at gay people, because he’s also been a victim to it. This important PSA looks at the underappreciated struggles of being a straight white man.

4. Malcolm Turnbull: 100 Days

Celebrating the achievements of the new Turnbull government’s first 100 days in office after the Election.

3. Detention Centre

Lowest welfare, guaranteed.

2. Message from the Free World

A last ditch attempt from Humphries, on behalf of the free world, to get America to think about their vote.

1. Talking Prejudice

A new segment was introduced to The Feed called ‘Talking Prejudice’ which is in no way inspired by the ABC's Talking Pictures. Humphires and Jan Fran sit down to discuss the work of cartoonist, Bill Leak. Classic Leak.

The Feed airs weeknights on SBS VICELAND at 7:30pm. Or catch the show on SBS On Demand:

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