You can catch up on all of First Contact, including the Reunion Special and Series One, on SBS On Demand.
Ben Winsor

2 Dec 2016 - 12:45 PM  UPDATED 2 Dec 2016 - 12:45 PM

The final episode of First Contact aired on SBS and NITV last night, followed by a Reunion Special which brought the cast members and many of the Indigenous men and women they had met back together.

If you missed episode three, or the Reunion Special, you can catch up on SBS On Demand. And, of course, the explosive first season is still available to stream too. 

In episode three, the cast travelled to a prison focused on rehabilitation, a school driven by values of grit and optimism, and had discussions with Indigenous Australians about language, culture and welfare dependency.

Afterward, in the Reunion Special, sparks continued to fly between David Oldfield and the other cast members, and the Indigenous Australians who had taken part in the series had a chance to have their voices heard.

Here are some of Australia’s reactions:

The rehabilitative prison provoked conversation:

David Oldfield’s approach again came in for criticism:

But he did have his fans:

The importance of culture and language resonated:

The school visit provoked mixed reactions:

Dion’s criticism of ‘passive welfare’ made an impact with Dicko and David, as well as viewers:

Many of the cast received praise:

Rhonda Roberts, host of the Reunion Special, also came in for praise:

And debate about the value of the show continued:

Catch up on the Reunion Special:

Catch up on Episode 3:

Watch Series One:

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