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Unsuspecting New Yorkers have been dragged screaming into the frenetic world of Billy On The Street, televisions greatest and most ridiculous game show.
Sarah Ward

12 Dec 2016 - 12:16 PM  UPDATED 12 Dec 2016 - 12:22 PM

Contestants answer questions and complete tasks to win real cash cash and prizes on Billy on the Street. But on this high-energy, manic game show it is less about the extravagant dollar giveaways and more about the integrity of the gameplay - where else are you going to see a host argue vehemently about whether Denzel Washington starred in The Phantom of the Opera (he didn’t), rant about the merits of Pixar’s Ratatouille, and ask strangers if they’d sleep with Hollywood actor Paul Rudd?

Or, maybe you’d prefer to watch Eichner offer an empty birdcage and Brokeback Mountain-themed oven mitts as prizes? Or create a Julia Roberts-themed obstacle course? Or tell anyone who’ll listen about his love of Meryl Streep? They’re just some of the pleasures that Billy on the Street has provided to date — and there’s more fun where they came from. Because there’s no pop culture-focused potential hilarity too outlandish, or too over-the-top, here’s the show’s most ridiculous games.

Would Drew Barrymore Like That?

If you’ve ever wanted to know whether Drew Barrymore would like going to the movies, eating blueberries, Robert Downey Jr or Will Ferrell, you could ask the actress herself. Or, if you’re Eichner, you could ask Will Ferrell. See also: Does Shakira Know What This Is? with Patton Oswalt.

Weekend at Bernies or Django Unchained

Many of Billy on the Street’s games ask contestants to pick between two options: Nicolas Cage or Rapper, Black Eyes Peas or Black Guy Who Peed, John Mayer or Pepe Le Pew, or Santa’s Reindeer or Sex App, for example. This game follows their lead, just as you’d expect — but tasks a very small child with answering the questions. Fun fact: young Annalise is not a Quentin Tarantino fan.

The Price Just Feels SO Right

Eichner always says that every new game is his new favourite game, but only The Price Just Feels SO Right involves smashing breakable items on the New York streets. The concept is simple: if passers-by can guess the price of the object he’s holding within a $1, it’s theirs. If they’re wrong, it’ll be destroyed right there and then.

Olivia Wilde is Pretty and You're All Disgusting

This segment is less an interactive game, and more an opportunity to remind everyone in the vicinity of Olivia Wilde’s beauty — and that they pale in comparison. Thrusting celebrities into the faces of unsuspecting folks going about their days is something clearly Eichner loves, and it usually gets a reaction. Plus, this lightning round gives him even more of an excuse to yell at random people.

That's Not Pitbull, It’s Amy Poehler

If there’s one thing that’s better than surprising people with well-known stars, it’s confronting them with a person dressed up as someone else, then revealing the celebrity’s true identity. No one would ever think the woman running around wearing a Pitbull mask is Amy Poehler, after all. See also: That’s Not Sia, It’s Julianna Margulies.

Actress Potato Heads

If a potato head styled to resemble a famous actress was suddenly placed in front of your face, would you be able to pick who it looked like? Sure, it sounds easy — and suitably amusing — in theory, but it really mightn’t prove so simple in reality.

Who's The Most Famous Person Sean Hayes Can Get On His Phone?

Famous people know other famous people, but whose details do they keep in their phone? Who’ll actually answer their call? And will the person on the other end of the line be happy to hear from them? Eichner tasks Sean Hayes with trying to contact the most famous person he can. No, sadly, he doesn’t try his Will and Grace co-star Megan Mullally.

LaTina Fey

Sometimes, Eichner runs up to strangers and asks them to name people: white straight famous men, black people or any well-known person in general, for example. More often than not, the unwitting contestant struggles with being put on the spot — but can Tina Fey fare better when she’s asked to name as many Latino celebrities as she can?

Would You Have a Threesome With Jon Hamm and Billy Eichner?

As is often the case, it’s not the actual answers that make the strongest impression here, but the looks on people’s faces when they’re asked whether they’d have a threesome with the Mad Men star and Eichner.  If you were wondering how the show was ever going to top asking folks if they’d sleep with Paul Rudd, now you know.

True or false: Billy on The Street is available to stream right now? It's TRUE! TRUE! TRUE!!!!

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