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No statement, no assumption, no sacred cow is safe from being challenged – from drugs and politics to sex, Hollywood, purebred pets and whether there’s really anything we can do about climate change.
Christopher Hollow

16 Jan 2017 - 10:47 AM  UPDATED 16 Jan 2017 - 11:01 AM

A high-energy cross between MythBusters and Snopes.com, Adam Ruins Everything combines science + history with comic timing todiscuss and debunk well-held ‘truths’. Some things you’ll know. Some things will turn your head the full Linda Blair.

The Adam who ruins everything is Adam Conover – a provocateur wrapped in impossibly tight suits and sporting a mathematically precarious haircut. He’s snarky, he’s a smart arse but he also isn’t afraid to put his hand up and admit not knowing how a hymen really worked.

The Truth About Hymens And Sex

Cue the marching band playing the stirring fight song, “On Wisconsin”. What the hell are virginity tests, anyway?

Is the Internet Good for Society or the Instrument of Our Downfall?

Remember the good ol’ days when we didn’t isolate ourselves on our phones? The days when we used to talk to each other? Did those good ol’ days ever really exist?

Talent Doesn’t Win Oscars - Money Does

A fascinating insight into how Hollywood really works. And the type of money the studios are willing to pay to make sure you’re more likely to see a film. Of course, money can't act but it can make voters act differently.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Why Weddings Are an Absolute Rip-Off

You had an inkling, a hunch, a sneaking suspicion you and your partner were being ripped-off at your wedding. Now here’s proof. This entire ceremony has been hijacked by a greedy industry looking to make lots of a quick money at your expense. Mwah Ha Hah!

The Terrifying Cost of “Free” Websites

You knew something was up but did you know the extent of how much advertising companies know about you? Remember, if you're not paying, you're not the customer--you're the product.

The Sinister Reason Marijuana is Illegal

Here, Adam does weed. It’s a gateway. But to where? Perception? Laughter?

“This crop will feed our family for a year, this crop will make movies much funnier.”

The Real Reason You're Circumcised

Here’s a clue: Mrs. Palmer and her five lovely daughters. Have you been mutilated in the name of your father? If you’re circumcised and hazy on why, watch on.

Adam ruins everything, except Tuesday nights when SBS VICELAND screens Adam Ruins Everything at 8pm. Catch up on previous times Adam ruined everything you knew to be a fact on SBS On Demand:

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