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Our new favourite show that fights facts and fallacies in the name of all things true is going from strength to strength. Here’s a taste of what you’ve been missing.
Jeremy Cassar

23 Jan 2017 - 11:47 AM  UPDATED 23 Jan 2017 - 11:47 AM


Just when you think the Mythbusters duo had busted every available myth, and that all bull*** had been called by Pen and Teller’s Bull***, Adam Conover finds a wholly new approach to testing truths on screen in his own series: Adam Ruins Everything.

Blending infotainment and sketch comedy, Adam wields his ruinous weaponry at ‘everything’ from complex global issues to everyday knowledge we take for granted.

While we wait to see what Adam attacks next, we thought it fit to sift through the ruins thus far:

Car dealerships are secretly the supreme overlords of automobile sales – ‘Adam Ruins Cars’

Adam reveals that in the US, while it’s illegal to sell new cars unless you’re a dealer, dealerships are in no way affiliated with the manufacturers, and thanks to specific franchise laws have total control over the price and distribution.

It doesn’t help that states get up to 20% of their revenue from car dealerships. Tesla is attempting to remove this all-powerful middle man, though at least five states— Texas, Arizona, Michigan, Maryland and West Virginia—have recently passed laws to restrict Tesla’s direct sales approach.

Donating canned food is the opposite of a good deed – ‘Adam Ruins Giving’

Political scientist and associate professor at Occidental College joins Adam to explain why collecting all those neglected cans of tuna in spring-water and running them down to the nearest charity is not only wasteful, but potentially harmful.

I’m not going to give away why this is the case, as the reasons behind it are generally surprising. Check out the above clip, or give the episode a go and also learn the truth behind blood-drives and the exchanging of engagement rings.

Airport security staff are more dancing monkeys than security staff – ‘Adam Ruins Security’

Adam is joined by security technologist Bruce Scheiner, and the two take a good hard look at the TSA (Transport Security Administration), labeling the entire screening process at airport check-in’s as ‘security theatre’—elaborate processes that don’t do much in the way of preventing illicit behaviour or ensuring everyone’s safety.

A Homeland Security test showed that 95% of mock substances, explosives and weapons went through undetected.

Adam likens TSA security to tamper-proof seals on medication, the latter of which is also explored and of course, ruined.

The 40-hour work week is officially silly – ‘Adam Ruins Work’

It’s not only the lazy or Xbox-obsessed that often city the Parisian thought (or myth?) that shorter shifts equals superior productivity.

Adam cites various expert opinions and surveys that suggest 40 hours is harmful to both employees and businesses, including a The Atlantic study that revealed that on average, employees only spend 45% of their day on actual work duties and that they work an two additional weeks per year than the standard in 1979.

It’s time to let go of vitamin supplements once and for all – ‘Adam Ruins Nutrition’

In this episode, not only do we discover that our comprehension of a balanced breakfast is more like Pen and Teller on a see-saw, but that the world’s confusion of vitamin supplements is entirely unnecessary.

The argument over supplements is never-ending and seemingly unresolvable, but Adam, through his research, insists that the vitamin industry is merely the roaming quack apothecary writ large, and that not only do bizarre, little-known vitamins make about as much difference to your system as a placebo,  but that widely revered vitamins such as C do absolutely nothing for the common cold.

To hear why Adam’s experts are so sure, make sure you check out the ep.

Watch Adam prove that everything you knew was a lie on Tuesday nights on SBS VICELAND at 8:05pm.

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