• Weediquette this week explores the connection between religion and marijuana. (SBS VICELAND)Source: SBS VICELAND
Is toking on marijuana a sure-fire way to bring the smoker closer to God’s kingdom? Can religion and weed co-exist, or even work together? VICE’s Krishna is on the case.
Jeremy Cassar

24 Jan 2017 - 8:23 AM  UPDATED 24 Jan 2017 - 8:23 AM

As US states are bending to the legalisation of weed in a kind-of buffering domino effect, more and more individual’s and groups are gaining the freedom to integrate weed into their lives in new and open ways.

Weediquette explores  marijuana with the episode God on High, an outing that sees VICE reporter Krishna Andavolu visit those American’s who’ve integrated cannabis use and faith—and smokes a decent amount of the stuff as he does so.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

Lots of sun-kissed shots of cannabis plants

Similarly, plenty of close-ups of people toking on weed

There’s Deb Button, convenor of the Stoner Bible Study Group

A sufferer of perpetual migraines, straight-edged Deb Button turned to edibles, cooking with weed and realising it was the only thing that set her head free, and helped her better connect with the bible, and hence better see God.

Turning to Craigslist, Deb was surprised by the high response rate, and while the group attempts to stay together, Christian moral outrage has come in the form of various death threats. Their Jesus knows the plant is evil.

Robert Jones, however, believes Christians will adapt

White Christianity no longer reigns supreme in the USA, and some stress that the ever-shifting religion needs to shift with the now times.  

This guy draws the comparison between moral outrage over same-sex marriage, which a decade ago flew in the face of core Christian ideals, and the moral outrage over cannabis legalization, which he sees shifting in a similar way.

If they’re anti stoner bible study, Lord knows what they think of the THC Healing Church…


The THC healing church believe that God’s miracles were carried out thanks to the THC in cannabis oil.

They believe that Christian imagery is littered with proof of weed use, and that halos are depicted on those who have been anointed through the holy sacrament.

Weediquette airs Wednesday nights on SBS VICELAND at 8:30pm. Catch up with previous episodes on SBS On Demand:

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