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The following listicle operates under the glass-is-half-full life philosophy and should not be taken as gospel. Still, here’s hoping.
Jeremy Cassar

27 Jan 2017 - 10:53 AM  UPDATED 27 Jan 2017 - 10:54 AM

Monday night is Michael Mosley night on SBS, and coming up this Monday is the third episode of his fifth season of Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, where he focuses on various recent strides in the medical community —including a potential breakthrough for rheumatoid arthritis.

It got us thinking: considering Mosley’s been exposing us to various leaps and bounds in the world of medicine, can we assemble an optimistic list of diseases and conditions that are closer to a cure than many assume.

Aussies make significant gains in the fight against degenerative memory

Not long ago, the idea of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s and its deteriorative kin, dementia, was almost laughable. Now, medical researchers can see it in their sights.

One such group of big-brains tackling these kinds of diseases harken from Australia — their trials on mice yielded a full restoration of memory function in 75% of mice, without any tissue damage.

Apparently, these geniuses thought to use ultrasound waves to untangle neurofibres, and remove Amyloid plaque from between neurons; the two primary causes of Alzheimer’s.

As this research program, which is set for human trials later in 2017, is merely one of many moving closer to rendering the tragic treatable. 

Certain forms of cancer

Of course, the following cancerous diseases are largely curable when detected early, but that doesn’t make the advancements any less impressive.

What was a veritable death sentence not too long ago, now comes with a huge glimmer of hope. Breast, thyroid, testicular and prostate cancer, as well as Melanoma (skin cancer) all boast a success rate of close to 100% when detected in their early stages.

One wonders how long it’ll take before other cancers are added to the list. Hopefully soon.

Diphtheria, Hepatitis A & B, Measles and Mumps, tetanus, Yellow and typhoid fevers, Pertussis and Pneumococcal Disease, and more…

Here to make the argument in favour of rigorous vaccination are a list of once-fatal diseases, all now preventable and treatable.

Most of these have seen a 99-100 per cent decrease in sufferers, and lent a new lease on life to thousands upon thousands of human beings.

Recalling these feats make this humble citizen nod his head in appreciation, and makes him more hopeful for the progression of our species.

Remember, we have our optimistic hat on today.


While an actual cure for Parkinson’ might sit a ways away, recent discoveries in the area of stem-cell research have given hope for future breakthroughs.

Tests on mice at Lund University in Sweden revealed that dopamine stem-cells can successfully implant into a mouse’s brain, restoring losses of the chemical brought on by the disease.

And considering Parkinson’s degeneration is thanks to the steady erosion of your natural dopamine producing capabilities, these successful transplants suggest that a significant breakthrough could occur at any moment. 

Multiple Scleroisis

Over in Ottawa, Canada, medical researchers have taken a significant step towards reversing the ravages of MS. Not without its set of concerns, the idea behind the breakthrough is to ‘reset’ the sufferer’s immune system, which essentially means to destroy it through chemotherapy, then replace lost cells with stem cells.

Of those to successfully undergo treatment, 70 per cent saw a complete quashing of the disease, and 40 per cent saw a lasting reversal of symptoms.

As is the brutal case with these things, one patient died due to sepsis caused by chemotherapy, which is why the treatment is approached with caution.

Michael Mosley: Trust Me, I’m a Doctor continues to entertain and inform audiences this Monday night of the 23rd January at 7:30PM on SBS. Previous episodes are available to stream on SBS On Demand:

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