Get to know the Australian 2017 Eurovision entrant better through his Instagram.
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8 Mar 2017 - 9:54 AM  UPDATED 30 Apr 2020 - 4:46 PM

On his 17th birthday he won The X-Factor then the hugely talented Isaiah Firebrace continued that success by representing Australia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. What an overachiever! 

The growing legion of fans of Isaiah know that the best place to learn about the wonderfully nice, young Aussie is to follow him on his Instagram and Twitter accounts where he's always giving a glimpse into where his super busy schedule has taken him. 

If you already follow Isaiah on Instagram, you will have learned that:

Isaiah loves a surf

There's plenty of pics on his Insty of Isaiah hitting the beach to take a paddle. 

He loves his dog

We're giving all of our heart to this little guy. He is adorable. Look at those brown eyes!

Isaiah is way into the dalmation dog Instagram filter

We're discovering a trend, Isaiah! Not only does he love his own dog, but he seems more than a little obsessed with the dog filter. Here he is using it again here. And here.

But, no judgment - we LOVE that filter too.

He is on his L plates

Sure, it was seven months late, but come on - Isaiah is a really busy guy.

His ambiguous stance on coconut water

Look, Isaiah isn't necessarily saying that HE hates coconut water. Just that people do. And he's right. People hate it because it is gross. Thank you Isaiah for starting this honest conversation about this terrible, terrible drink.

McNuggets are part of his Maccas meal of choice

Isaiah may be on his L plates, but he has his drive-thru order worked out. A medium 10 McNugget meal with a Coke and choccy sundae - a classic choice. 

Isaiah has a Collingwood membership

With his Collingwood AFL club membership, we are reminded that nobody can be perfect. But we're willing to overlook a few bad life choices :) 

His birthday is on the 21st of November

Isaiah looks stoked to get this gift, but who wouldn't be excited to have Iggy Azalea deliver you your birthday pressie?

If you want to relive Isaiah's incredible performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 tune into SBS on Wednesday 13 May at 1:30PM. Available to catch up at SBS On Demand after broadcast.

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