• "Immigration is dangerous". *makes gorilla noise* (ABC)Source: ABC
Turns out the actor/comedian has been promoting his political views all this time.
Nick Bhasin

20 Mar 2017 - 4:28 PM  UPDATED 20 Mar 2017 - 4:41 PM

When you think “Tim Allen”, you probably think of the lovable dad on Home Improvement, making that adorable gorilla noise while the laugh track pounds you into submission.

Or you might think of the Santa Clause franchise, where Allen plays… Santa, most likely. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen it.

Or maybe you think of the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story series, which is legitimately great and we won’t hear a bad word against it.

Well, now you can add Trump Supporter to that list!

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the actor lamented the fact that Hollywood was so left leaning – to the point where he felt bullied for having a different point of view. He even compared Hollywood to Nazi Germany, which is fantastic.

We at The Guide were plenty surprised by this revelation. But looking back, maybe we shouldn’t have been.

Here are some hardcore conservative ideas hidden in Allen’s TV and movies that we definitely didn’t notice the first time around…


Home Improvement: When Wilson suggested that a fence be built along the US border to keep out "people that are different from you and me" 


The Santa Clause: Santa had a separate gift list for the white kids


Toy Story: In a quiet, emotional moment, Buzz Lightyear tells Woody that the Christian God is the one true God.


In Jungle 2 Jungle, Allen's character puts his long lost jungle-raised son through a strict, years-long vetting process that ultimately sees him sent back to the jungle because he might be a "bad hombre"


The Santa Clause 2: Santa has to find a wife! But not just any wife. A white wife!


Toy Story 2: While transmitting to his spaceship, Buzz demands to see Obama's birth certificate


In Wild Hogs, Allen’s character refuses to perform CPR on a choking old person unless he “coughs up some dough” because “healthcare isn’t a right, grandpa” and "freedom ain't free"


In Galaxy Quest, Allen’s character sometimes refers to the aliens as “illegals”


The Santa Clause 3: When an elf wonders why Santa is carrying a handgun, Santa says, “A bad guy with a gun can only be stopped by a Santa with a gun.”


Toy Story 3: That delightful moment where Buzz suddenly speaks Spanish? The translation is “millions of undocumented immigrants vote illegally and it must stop before the white race dies out”. Could've used some subtitles on that one...


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