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You didn't know how much you needed to see a Buffy reunion until you start seeing the pictures.
Jeremy Cassar

30 Mar 2017 - 4:35 PM  UPDATED 30 Mar 2017 - 4:54 PM

Since it finished in May 2003, millions of salivating fans have waited to strike the following entry from their bucket lists: bear witness to a Buffy cast reunion that isn’t a dream or mirage.

EW covered the show’s 20th-year anniversary, to the envy of every single other pop-culture publication on earth. This isn’t a case of cobbling together individual cast-member photos taken in different states and hoping nobody notices. This was a bona-fide reunification of every single significant Sunnydale resident (okay, so Eliza Dushku/Faith and Anthony Head/Giles were absent, but they were out-of-towners in the show anyway) and proof comes in the form of multiple photos.

EW makes us feel better about Giles’ absence:

For the group pic, Joss Whedon and the gang, all clad in black, took to a fogged-up graveyard set and (unsurprisingly) looked pretty darned pretty in the process. The cast then split up for a game of musical snaps, posing for candid individual and smaller-group pics and giving lifetime members of the Buffyverse new material to add to their bedroom-ceiling shrines.

Wait, hang on, what about social media?

This is one of the rare times when we can all thank the moon that celebrities have taken to Twitter and Instagram, as cast members added their pics to the pile, which will no doubt single-handedly see a spike (unintentional pun) in the sales of printer-ink and scrapbooks. Seth Green/Oz casually dropped the following tweet: 

While Michelle Trachenberg/Dawn added fuel to the warm fire:

Here, Sarah Michelle Geller, Buffy herself, posts an endearing photo of Kristine Sutherland/Joyce reserving her kiss-face for behind closed doors:

Then there’s this post by Nicholas Brendon/Xander, which while photo-less, tugged at the heart-strings:

And, in a meta-tweet, James Marsters/Spike publicly professed his (platonic) love for Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Okay, it’s best to stop the piece here, so we can all return to refreshing our Twitter feeds. Can you believe it's been 20 years?

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