• Montenegrin Eurovision contestant Slavko Kalezić. (Photo: Dejan Milićević)Source: Photo: Dejan Milićević
The contestant guaranteed to be one of this year's biggest scene-stealers.
Chris Zeiher

1 May 2017 - 2:22 PM  UPDATED 10 May 2017 - 4:18 PM

When it comes to whipping hair back and forth, Willow Smith ain’t got nothin’ on the sensational Montenegrin him-bot Slavko Kalezić. Expect social media to explode with opinion and hysteria once the one-man show that is the pony-tailed lad from Podgorica hits the Kyiv stage.

Kalezić oozes camp charisma and the chorus of “Space” is everything you could want from a Eurovision entry. The completely bonkers song has lyrics such as “wet dreams are nightmares I surrender”, but who cares – this is all about the spectacle.

If the “Game of Clones” theme of the music video is any indication as to the staging direction for the Montenegrin’s effort, Kalezić can guarantee he’ll feature in every Eurovision clip package ad infinitum. Fingers crossed they throw in some handsome stripping astronauts as backing performers (or that may be just us). Camp classic!

Semi final 1 performance

Music video

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