• Italian Eurovision contestant Francesco Gabbani. (Photo: RAI)Source: Photo: RAI
Will the artist - and his monkey sidekick - most tipped to win take out the competition?
Chris Zeiher

2 May 2017 - 3:44 PM  UPDATED 14 May 2017 - 11:44 AM

Pop culture is full of great apes - King Kong, Magilla Gorilla, Grape Ape, the drumming ape from the Cadbury commercials... We can now add to this pantheon the “naked dancing” ape that will accompany Francesco Gabbani’s “Occidentali’s Karma”, a song which happens to be the bookies favourite to win Eurovision 2017.

Ape dancing aside, Gabbani’s satirical jab at Western society’s obsession with Eastern spirituality is a juggernaut, having amassed over 80 million views on YouTube and already topped the charts in Italy. “Occidentali’s Karma” is the song to beat this year and Tuscan-born Sanremo Music Festival-winning Gabbani’s cheeky manner will win over many a voter.

The only misstep that may befall our dancing duo could come from audiences only getting to witness this entry in full once, as it will only feature in the grand final. Many other hotly tipped contestants will be hoping that not having two outings will be the banana peel that causes the Italians to slip up. 

Grand final performance

Music video

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