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Myf Warhurst is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to the art of sound and song. Using her keen musical insights she shares who she thinks will make the Top 10 in Kyiv this month.
Shami Sivasubramanian

9 May 2017 - 5:39 PM  UPDATED 9 May 2017 - 5:39 PM

10. Iceland - Svala  'Paper'

Myf's verdict: She’s got a strong androgynous-android thing going. And Eurovision hasn’t seen that before. Plus she’s just a fierce woman doing her thing, which I always love! Could be a dark horse in the competition. 


9. Portugal - Salvador Sobral  'Amar Pelos Dois'

Myf's verdict: He’s beautiful! His voice is gorgeous! It's all so lulling and with the strings, it’s just perfect. You know, it’s as though Salvador's from a different time and place. Though he could run a comb through his hair. 


8. Azerbaijan - DiHaj  'Skeletons'

Myf's verdict: She’s got a strong hairstyle. (I feel like I’m making a lot of decisions this year based on hair.) The song’s got that classic pop whisper / euro-female vocalist vibe that I like. Oh and that chorus is huge. There’s a touch of The Corrs to her, isn’t there? This one could be a major contender!


7. Montenegro - Slavko Kalezić  'Space'

Myf's verdict: That plait! (These hairstyles, I tell you!)  Is it a prop? Is it a whip? You’ll never know. Which is why I love Eurovision – it’s all about the mystery.  Plus it’s just such a classic Euro synth dance track. I hope they stage this song (and that plait!) well during the Semi-Finals.


6. Sweden - Robin Bengtsson  'I Can't Go On'

Myf's verdict: He’s the perfect Swedish entrant. He’s suave, he's got the piercing eyes, the punchy pop song. He’s in for a shot, for sure, but I think he might be too perfect. Like, I mean he’s really smooth, but there’s not enough edge to him. So I’m not too sure.  


5. Romania - Ilinca feat. Alex Florea  'Yodel It!'

Myf's verdict: Gosh I love a fusion act! Rap and yodelling together in one song? It’s so Eurovision! I reckon it’ll either go really well or the total opposite. But that’s the beauty of Eurovision – anything can happen!


4. Belarus - Naviband  'Story of My Life'

Myf's verdict: Naviband are just great! I love a duo. And they have this great Meg and Jack White vibe going, too.  The song's in Belarusian! I do get a thrill every time a Eurovision song is sung in language. 


3. Denmark - Anja Nissen  'Where I Am'

Myf's verdict: Even though Anja’s representing Denmark, we can still kind of secretly root for her because she’s Aussie. And once you’re Aussie, you’re Aussie for life! She’s just gorgeous and has such a big voice. it’s a great song and I really think she’s going to do so well. 


2. Italy - Francesco Gabbani  'Occidentali's Karma'

Myf's verdict: Eurovision’s gone really high tech in recent year, so it’s great that Italy’s gone the ‘simple’ route and opted for a guy in a gorilla suit. They could have had a CGI gorilla, or a hologram on stage, or something. But no – they’ve gone old school. And I like that. Best of luck to them!


1. Australia - Isaiah  'Don't Come Easy'

Myf's verdict: Our boy has some huge shoes to fill after Dami last year. But I reckon he has what it takes to go the distance. He’s got a little bit of magic in him, Isaiah. He’s so young, but that gorgeous old soul in his voice comes from another person. 

The Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast over SBS’s Eurovision weekend - Friday 12 May, Saturday 13 May, and Grand Final Sunday 14 May at 7.30pm on SBS with LIVE early morning broadcasts begin Wednesday 10 May at 5am on SBS.

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