The style of Eurovision 2017 was more cool than kitsch where hipsters and monochrome ruled.
Gemma Williams

14 May 2017 - 1:17 PM  UPDATED 30 Apr 2020 - 4:24 PM

Across two semi finals and the grand final, Eurovision fans witnessed some epic costume decisions. Fashion stylist Gemma Williams offers her thoughts on the outfits of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Honestly, we expected more sequins

While there were some exceptions, most notably Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezić with his maxi skirt-come-sequin pant and very impressive ponytail (which, alas, did not make the grand final), Eurovision 2017 was fairly void of the over-the-top glitz we are used to.

There were some great standouts

Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov played it very cool in black military jacket, drop crutch pants, and a white thumbhole top. The high hair and big shoulders felt like a nod to Ireland’s Jedward, but just without all the glitter. Too much to call him an emo Jedward?

The style challenge for Croatia’s Jacques Houdek was how to represent the two characters he was playing on stage - enter the two sided jacket.  Half tuxedo for the opera section of the song and half leather for the more street/pop parts of the song. Genius.


In many perfomances it was the back up dancers who really owned the stage. While Sweden’s dreamboat Robin Bengtsson was smart, if maybe a bit dull for Eurovision in his suit, his back up dancers in their black skivvies and sneakers delivered on the entertainment front. 

Other backup dancers who also managed to upstage and impress with their choices in costuming included Moldova’s dancers who became brides mid-song.

And good luck sleeping after this haunting hooded DJ performance from Norway complete with computerised masks.


Staying completely on-trend

There was lots of white and muted shade on stage this year. The ladies from Poland, Greece, and Germany all favoured pale floor length frocks. In true Eurovision style, each outfit was not as it first appeared, with some sort of extreme sexy twist be it a giant thigh split, or, in Germany’s case, completely backless.

Those Hipsters and their hats. It was the accessory of choice for a number of the acts including Belarus and Norway.

There were not one but two animal costumed performers on stage for this year’s Eurovision. Italy’s Francisco Gabbani star embellished tuxedo was smart, but completely upstaged by the bow-tie wearing gorilla. Azerbaijan’s performance featured a man with a horse head. 

At the end of the day, it was a man bun winning the fashion stakes

In the end, it was Portugal’s Salvador Sobral who in an extremely simple, if ill-fitting black suit and man bun, absolutely delivered the goods on stage.

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