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Kink is everywhere.
Jeremy Cassar

15 May 2017 - 2:26 PM  UPDATED 17 May 2017 - 8:00 PM

Hypothetical: you have a friend has forever kept a particular carnal quirk a secret due to fear of judgement, but now you’ve they’ve decided to explore it before it’s too late.

Enter Kinky Business, the new and compulsively watchable docutainment series on those very specific professionals that make a living from helping people like you your friend safely explore their kinks.  

To honour this tasty slice of sex life, we’ve chosen five kinky scenes from modern TV. Enjoy, or don’t enjoy. No judgement here.


Don Draper’s kink turns ugly (Mad Men S6E7)

This initially rousing episode where Don (Jon Hamm) played dom to Sylvia’s (Linda Cardellini) sub grew more and more disturbing as we learned it wasn’t all play. Draper beckoned his mistress crawl across the floor to deliver his shoes, then, as he left, ordered her remain in their hotel room until he returned. Many would call that a fairly exciting bit of reciprocal fantasy.

But alas, as time went on, Don’s controlling role-play turned into a sinister embodiment of his lost grip on every other aspect of his life (remember when he took away her reading material and hurled out the rhetorical, “Who told you you were allowed to think?”). As Sylvia clocked onto the unsettling creepiness creeping into the fantasy, she got the hell out of there – leaving Don with nothing but the time and space in which to (not) figure out that he’s a jerk.


Sarah Pfefferman gets flogged (Transparent S2 and 3)

As with the above entry, the eldest Pfefferman child’s foray in to the kinky is more about the character’s neuroses than the kink itself. In season two’s homestretch, Sarah (Amy Landecker) discovered a group of leather-clad doms at an all-women music festival and by season three, she was visiting a woman named Pony (porn performer Jiz Lee) on a regular basis.

Part if it was Sarah purging her self-hatred for her role in the disintegration of both her marriage and her affair that played out over the first two seasons; part of it was her enjoying a bit of overt discipline that adults rarely get to experience. But after the initial titillation and release, Sarah experienced increasing boredom and eventual sadness.


The most uncomfortable threesome in the history of threesomes (Sons of Anarchy S1 E8)

Back in the first season of Sons of Anarchy, Tara (Maggie Siff) had arrived in town to escape her obsessive ex-partner, ATF agent Josh Kohn (Jay Karnes). Unfortunately, Kohn followed and turned the creep dial up to 11 – stalking her and turning up inside her house.

When Kohn tried to force himself on Tara, she shot him in the gut and called over old flame/bikie Jax (Charlie Hunnam), whose method of helping out was to shoot him in the head. The pair then let passion take over, right next to a corpse. Murder: the lesser known aphrodisiac.


Cordelia brings a literal snake into the bedroom (American Horror Story: Coven S3 E2)

American Horror Story is renowned for relishing its own campiness; for pushing the envelope further and further until it falls off the edge of the world. This scene featuring the Swiss Army knife of anthology acting – Sarah Paulson – is no exception.

After experiencing fertility issues with her husband, Hank (Josh Hamilton), Cordelia (Paulson) decided to whack on her witch's hat and get the party going with a bit of dark magic. Cue eggs hatching, snakes slithering on human skin and things exploding into fire.


Hank inspires a young novelist (Californication S1 E1)

Say what you will about Californication, and its quick descent into vulgarity and preposterousness, but the opening episode delivered a succession of unforgettable twists and turns, especially Hank’s (David Duchovny) romp with a young writer partial to punching men in the face during coitus.

When it turned out the young writer was his ex-wife’s imminent step-daughter, Mia (Madeline Zima, aka little Grace Sheffield from The Nanny), Hank penned a manuscript about the awkward affair, which Mia went on to steal, briefly edit and retitle as F***ing and Punching.


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