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The season four finale rocked us to our very core, so what’s next for the cops of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'?
Jim Mitchell

19 Jun 2017 - 4:06 PM  UPDATED 19 Jun 2017 - 4:06 PM

This story contains spoilers for the season four finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The double episode finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine season four was the comedy’s darkest and most dramatic so far (well, apart from Gina being run over by a bus last season, of course). Brooklyn’s creators left us hanging big time with a potential game-changer – Jake (Andy Samberg) and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) appear to be headed to jail after an undercover operation went horribly wrong and they were found guilty of bank robbery.

Happily, the series was recently renewed for season five, so we’ll find out how it all goes down, but what else might happen? Series co-creator Dan Goor has dropped some hints, but there are plenty of questions to be answered and things we’d like to see next season.


Jake and Rosa in the slammer would be pretty funny

We don’t know for sure that’s where they’re going, but Goor has hinted as much:

“I think the preponderance of the evidence suggests that we should examine it,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “I can tell you there will not be a yank. There will not be somebody running down the aisle of the courthouse saying, ‘He [Jake] was innocent! He was innocent!’ or cutting to him on parole and an appeal happening. We want to do the juiciest, funniest end result of the conviction.”

We hope it’s not for long, mind – although they have been sentenced for 15 years – but it could be a hilarious reversal of fortune for Jake and Rosa. How would they cope on the other side of the bars? How would Jake’s wise cracks go down? (Probably not well.) Would he become someone’s bitch? (Quite likely.) Would Rosa become top dog? (Very likely.) Whatever happens, this scenario raises an interesting conundrum. Jake and Rosa would have to be separated in gendered jails, and the action would have to be split three (or more) ways between these storylines and that of the Nine-Nine.


We’d definitely like to see dirty cop Lt Hawkins go down

Elite task force head Lt Melanie Hawkins (Gina Gershon) is sitting pretty after framing Jake and Rosa for the Golden Gang Bank robberies and a haul of $26 million. She’s got the forged evidence to prove it, not to mention making sure that two dozen witnesses were on hand for the final heist.

“They’re guilty, super-duper guilty,” Hawkins declared at a press conference. We’d love to see this dirty cop taken down and shackled in a chain gang but Brooklyn’s writers are always ready to throw a curveball. There’s the chance Hawkins could get away scot-free.


More Ex(ercise)position please

Game of Thrones has sexposition; Brooklyn Nine-Nine has ex(ercise)position.

During a Razzmatazz step class at the gym, Captain Holt (Andre Braugher), Jake and Rosa discussed the undercover operation to expose Hawkins as they wiggled their butts and Jake wondered if he does indeed have quads. It was all expertly deadpan and we’d like to see more huffy puffy exposition. Perhaps some police talk while rock climbing, speed walking or shuttlecock.  


What will Gina’s baby’s name be?

Another huge reveal after Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) attempted to “read her womb vibe” was that the squad’s acid-tongued receptionist, Gina (Chelsea Perretti), is indeed pregnant. Turns out, much to the disappointment of Charles, that the baby daddy is his cousin, professional snowboarder Milton Boyle (guest star Ryan Phillippe). It’s all a bit awkward given Gina is Charles’s step-sister.

But apart from the novelty of a maternal, loved-up Gina, we can’t wait to find out what the sprog’s name will be. We’re pretty sure it’ll be anything but ordinary if the couple’s early suggestions are anything to go by – The Enigma if it’s a girl and The Enigmo if it’s a boy.


Another semi-serious episode with social commentary please

This looks pretty likely after the uncharacteristically serious and hard-hitting flavour of this season’s episode “Moo Moo”, where as a black man out of uniform, Sergeant Terry (Terry Crews) was racially profiled by a white cop.

Goor told Uproxx the writers’ room has a few ideas in mind:

There are a few issues that feel like they’d be interesting and natural. We haven’t done much with the fact that we have two Latina cops,” he said. “And we haven’t done a tremendous amount with female cops in a very male-dominated organisation like the NYPD.”


More comically brilliant answers to questions we didn’t ask

Brooklyn Nine-Nine offered up lots of deliciously quirky titbits in the double-header finale alone. We discovered Rosa once went to a La La Land sing-a-long, Terry is a fan of Natalie Imbruglia and had a stint as a catalogue model in Japan, pig mating sounds like “wet bagpipes”, Pizza Rat is dead and Jake once got arrested at a Criss Angel magic show. Also, when Charles gets stressed, his hair goes white – everywhere. “It’s like an Eagles concert down there. Nothing but whites,” he tells Terry.

With quirky creativity like this, we’re looking forward to what the writers’ room serves up in season five.


While you wait for season 5, watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine from the beginning - season 1, episode 1 - starting tonight at 6:30pm on SBS VICELAND. Double episodes will air every Monday-Thursday.

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