• Samantha Bee on 'Full Frontal'. (SBS)Source: SBS
It definitely seems like she’s against the ban, but you should watch the episode for yourself.
27 Jul 2017 - 4:29 PM  UPDATED 27 Jul 2017 - 5:00 PM

The reaction to Donald Trump’s ban of transgender people from serving in the US military has been swift and strong, especially on Twitter.

One former Navy SEAL even suggested that Trump tell her she wasn’t worthy to her face.

On the new episode of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee took a more direct approach.

“F*** you,” she said, adding that the government probably shouldn’t be making “bullsh*t discriminatory laws on Twitter”.

Not a lot of room for interpretation there.


From 6pm, watch the full episode at SBS On Demand, express from the US:

It will be broadcast on SBS VICELAND at 8pm tonight.

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