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With the return of 'Adam Ruins Everything' for season two on SBS VICELAND, we have some burning issues we’d love host Adam Conover to take a deep dive into.
Jim Mitchell

1 Aug 2017 - 2:55 PM  UPDATED 1 Aug 2017 - 2:55 PM

Adam Conover ruined (that is, enlightened us on) a lot of the things we take for granted – the internet, housing and weddings, to name a few – with a good dose of humour over the show’s first season. This season, we know Adam’s ruining the hospital, weight loss and having a baby, and if we have our way, he’ll be ruining these things, too.


Adam Ruins Air Travel

We all know there’s a risk when we fly, but there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes stuff going on you probably don’t know about that could make you more cautious the next time you travel.

What we’d like Adam to investigate...

Safety: Is it really true that a concerning amount of pilots fall asleep during a flight? Pilots and co-pilots have scheduled sleep breaks, but in an alarming survey of pilots in the UK, Norway and Sweden, 43-54 percent admitted they’ve nodded off at the controls during flights.

And Adam, please tell us this isn’t true: one third of these have woken to discover their co-pilots asleep at the wheel, too! Oh, and how many life jackets go missing a year? Apparently some extremely inconsiderate passengers steal them as souvenirs. And cabin crew only check them at the beginning of the day! So best to check under your seat to make sure you have one on your next flight.

Hygiene: A lot of us have probably caught a cold or some other sickness on a flight at some point. But it may not just be the air conditioning or the communal petri dish of passenger germs you have to contend with. Those comfy cushions and blankets? Reportedly they’re only washed every five to 30 days!

What about those handy tray tables? We’d really like to know if catching the potentially deadly superbug MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) from trays is still such an issue (you know, from all the nappies changed on them, etc.). A report from 2010 quoted a study that found 60 percent of tray tables on three major airlines carried the superbug, compared to just 11 percent of samples taken from New York’s subway system! Adam, please tell us these terror trays are cleaner these days. We’d also, at our own peril, like to know what nasties are hiding in those meals the cabin crew so politely serve us but won’t actually eat themselves.

Cabin crew: Flying around the world sounds glamorous, but we’d like to know more about some of the cons of the job. For example, how prevalent is the practice of airlines not paying cabin crew until the plane actually takes off? That would mean staff don’t get paid for delays, which could make for some testy trolley dollies and dudes.


Adam Ruins Movie Going

In season one, Adam Ruined Hollywood, but we’d love Adam to explore ground zero of the food chain, movie going. It’s damn expensive to see movies these days and cinema etiquette is waning. Why?

What we’d like Adam to investigate...

The candy bar: Why are treats from the candy bar so expensive? Is it just because cinema chains have a captive audience with favourites like choc tops and popcorn?

Some years back, this writer worked at a major cinema chain and the reason given for these exorbitant prices that could force you to take out a bank loan was that cinemas don’t make much on tickets once movie studios, distributors and so on get their cut. That sounded like BS to me, but one figure puts the studio take at a whopping 90 percent. Another report puts candy bar profit at a massive 85 percent and another at 40 percent. Please set the record straight, Adam.

Popcorn: While we’re on the subject of candy bar snacks, how did popcorn become a mainstay at the movies? And what’s behind a history of banning popcorn? What about this doozy of a query: is it really true that popcorn can make us immune to cinema advertising?

Cinema etiquette: We’d like to hear Adam’s take on how to behave at the movies in the era of obsessive mobile phone use. Should movie-going purists just bite their lips and bear the luminescent lights that regularly light up the darkness? It may even become – oh, please God no – encouraged by cinemas, with one American chain considering sanctioning mobile phone use during flicks. At the other extreme, do cinemas have the power to confiscate phones from those who abuse them?


Adam Ruins Easter

Adam’s already given Christmas a serve, so it’s a logical next move to take on Easter.

What we’d like Adam to investigate...

Religious vs commercial history: Adam, please explain for us the provenance of making chocolate eggs and the Easter name. Also, please settle the vexing issue of how much the symbolism of eggs is actually tied to Christianity or if it’s just one big commercial hoodwink by confectionery makers to buy chocolate. And is removing the word "Easter" from egg hunts PC culture gone mad?

Palm oil: Is the use of palm oil in the manufacture of chocolate eggs as prevalent as it once was? How aware are consumers of the practice? Also, please tell us what manufacturers are doing to secure sustainably produced palm oil and which ones are failing to do so.

Choc gluttony: How many Easter eggs and bunnies do we actually eat each year? One figure states that 90 million chocolate bunnies are produced each year. In 2015 in America, $US2.2 billion (verging on $AU2.8 billion) was spent on Easter confectionery. And here’s a buzz kill, just how bad is it for us to gorge on Easter chocolate?

Adam, it looks like you’ve got some 'splaining to do.


Watch Adam Ruins Everything season two on 1 August at 8pm on SBS VICELAND.

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