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Knowledge may be power, but occasionally ignorance is the best policy.
Rob Hunter

8 Aug 2017 - 9:50 AM  UPDATED 8 Aug 2017 - 9:56 AM

Engaging the underutilised techniques of research and verifiable facts, Adam Conover humorously busts common misconceptions in season two of Adam Ruins Everything. But given science has already ruined so many of humanity’s favourite pastimes by proving they are immoral, unethical or just definitely killing us, below are a few things that may be better left a secret – whether it is for our own good or not.


The contents of your favourite snack

Science is consistently linking delicious foods to health problems, leaving many of us feeling guilty eating certain things simply because they have been scientifically proven to be deadly. There are undoubtedly health benefits arising from an awareness and discernment of what you are ingesting, especially if you don’t want to experience nasty side effects such as death. But when kept in moderation as part of an otherwise non-lethal diet, a small amount of ignorance towards your favourite treat may be the best approach.


What people are thinking

Having the knowledge of people’s inner thoughts might seem like a great skill to possess, but some of us may be shocked to learn the people we love and respect have the same unwholesome thoughts as the rest of us. As such, knowledge of a person’s subconscious is probably best left a secret – not only for privacy reasons but also to preserve relationships and ensure many of us avoid being placed in correctional institutions without due cause. This also applies to knowing the thoughts of pets, whose actions we often interpret as affection when in reality they may have a more unpleasantly disturbing intent that's better left unknown.


TV show and movie spoilers

There are arguably greater issues in the world, but ruining movies or TV shows for people who haven't yet had the opportunity to see them is definitive proof you are a no-good human being. Always use consideration and be aware that revealing key plot points or twists provides justification for reasonable retribution, including passive aggressive glaring and, in serious cases, retaliatory violence.


The great mysteries of the world

People love to speculate about how and why the Pyramids were built or whether the definitely spherical Earth is actually flat. Unfortunately, the realisations that the Loch Ness Monster isn’t real or that Stonehenge was built because people in ancient Britain had nothing better to do are bound to be a letdown. Accordingly, although it would be useful to have answers to certain age-old quandaries – like how to consistently poach eggs without them falling apart or why the internet sometimes shuts itself off for no dang reason – occasionally a certain amount of mystery and harmless speculation can be fun in itself.


The meaning of life

A source of constant debate, the meaning of life has long been pondered by humanity. But with potential answers such as "nothing" and "the world will end one day, so it doesn’t matter anyway" being serious possibilities, this may be another question that is best left unanswered.

Although ignorance is not always something to be proud of, keeping certain innocuous things secret imbues the world with a sense of mystery and fun. For everything else, Adam Conover has the sometimes inconvenient, but always entertaining truth. (But if he starts ruining Game of Thrones with spoilers, there will be hell to pay.)


Adam Ruins Everything airs Tuesdays at 8pm on SBS VICELAND. Missed the last episode? Watch it at SBS On Demand:

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