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Seven dramas to watch before they leave.
Gavin Scott

22 Aug 2017 - 2:19 PM  UPDATED 22 Aug 2017 - 2:20 PM

When We Rise

Written and co-directed by Dustin Lance Black (Milk), and featuring an all-star cast including Guy Pearce, Mary-Louise Parker, Michael K Williams and Rachel Griffiths, this miniseries details the decades-long struggle for equal rights by the LGBT community in the US. The acclaimed series is especially poignant and relevant at this particular time in Australian history.

When We Rise is available until 27 August.


The Valley

Filled with odd characters and spooky small-town atmosphere, this German series (originally called Weinberg) kicks off when a man with no memory of who he is wakes up in a vineyard next to a young woman’s body. With his amnesia extending to any knowledge of the deceased or his connection to her, he heads to the nearby village – home to those strange people – and tries to piece it all together.

The Valley is available until 31 August.


Halfworlds season one

In modern day Jakarta, humans unknowingly exist side by side with deadly demons – but the secret’s about to be exposed. In this thrilling fantasy series from HBO Asia, an event is coming which will bring the two worlds together in bloody conflict. At the centre of it all is Sarah (Salvita Decorte), your newest kick-ass heroine obsession.

Halfworlds S1 is available until September 16.


Anno 1790

Part period piece and part detective drama, Anno 1790 is set in Sweden following the conclusion of the Russo-Swedish War. Former army surgeon Johan Gustav Dåådh (Peter Eggers) is now a police commissioner, and as well as investigating crime, has to contend with his progressive views being out of step with the repressive society of the day. Oh, and he’s in love with his boss’s wife. Cue: conflict.

Anno 1790 is available until September 30.



You know those draining people who suck up all your energy? Well, this Danish drama gives that a literal twist with teen twins Sebastian (Sebastian Jessen) and Sofie (Julie Zangenberg), who have to suck other people’s life source to survive. Their quest to find answers about their curse leads them to a mysterious boarding school, home to some centuries-old secrets and a love interest or two. Not your average teen drama.

Heartless is available until September 30.


Lilyhammer seasons one and two

Now that’s what we call witness protection. American Mob informant Frank Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt, who’s also one of the show’s writers) is set up with a new identity on the other side of the world in Lillehammer, Norway. Surely no one will think of looking for him there? But just because Frank (aka “Johnny”) has started a new life doesn’t mean he’s turned over a new leaf… A quirky clash of cultures.

Lilyhammer S1&2 are available until September 30.


O Negocio

Portuguese for “The Business”, O Negocio follows three women, disillusioned by their jobs and wanting to put their college degrees to use, as they dive into the world of high class escorts. The trio bring their marketing skills to the sex trade in this amusing Brazilian series, which has the backing of HBO Latin America.

O Negocio is available until September 30.

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