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TV’s gruffest detective returns to SBS. And we're sneak previewing the first episode of its third season.
Gavin Scott

22 Sep 2017 - 9:46 AM  UPDATED 22 Sep 2017 - 4:56 PM

Bosch is angry. Still. Sixteen months have passed since the conclusion of Bosch season two, and the detective hasn’t gotten over the fact that the man who killed his mother is already dead and he’s unable to exact justice. The fact that the murderer essentially got away with the crime hasn’t left Bosch (Titus Welliver) in the best frame of mind – a state that’s only going to get worse as season three progresses.

There's a lot to look forward to this season, which starts on Thursday 28 September. But thanks to SBS On Demand, you can preview the season return from today.



Veronica Allen is back

All these months later, the trial of Veronica Allen (Jeri Ryan) is now being held – and she’s putting in a stellar performance on the witness stand as a wrongfully accused victim. The prospect of another killer getting off is enough to drive Bosch to do something stupid. Something like angrily confront DA Rick O’Shea (Steven Culp) and be filmed doing it. Naturally, a cop going mental is just the type of thing that goes viral. Will he ever learn to control that temper of his?

The work never ends for Bosch... as usual

Bosch has a full caseload within the first half hour as he juggles two homicides. One is a high-profile case in which a famous director stands accused of killing an actress during sex; the other is the shooting of a homeless armed forces veteran in a trailer. Before long, Bosch will have another ball to keep in the air when a suspect in a cold case he'd been keeping tabs on winds up dead. Witnesses point the finger at an officer being responsible – it couldn’t be Bosch, now could it?

But he has some time for a personal life

Bosch isn’t the only one affected by the dark cloud over him. His daughter, Maddie (Madison Lintz), is now living with him in that spectacular LA house while her poker player mum is overseas. Will she be able to hold him back from descending into the depths of despair? And since all he does is work, it’s no surprise to find Bosch’s latest love interest is someone else he’s met on the job: Deputy District Attorney Anita Benitez (Paola Turbay). Would it be presumptuous to assume that any romance between the two is doomed from the start…?


You can catch up on Bosch season two at SBS On Demand ahead of the premiere of season three, which kicks off with a double episode at 8:30pm on Thursday 28 September before moving to its regular timeslot of 9:30pm the following week.

Watch episode one of season three here:

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