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The US Open is here! And some of its stars are a bit like TV characters, so here’s an article about that.
Rob Hunter

6 Sep 2017 - 1:27 PM  UPDATED 8 Sep 2017 - 4:32 PM

Tennis and its distinctive balls are in the air, with the US Open starting on SBS on 6 September, showcasing the quarter finals through to the tournament’s conclusion. And what better way to catch tennis fever than by comparing our favourite players to characters they sort of resemble from TV shows!? Starting with…


1. Roger Federer vs Diane Lockhart

A successful lawyer introduced to fans in popular drama The Good Wife, Diane Lockhart’s (Christine Baranski) career took a heavy blow after a financial disaster forced her out of her job, leaving her scrapping and fighting for her livelihood in highly acclaimed spin-off The Good Fight. Similarly, after injury and form issues curtailed superstar Roger Federer’s 2016 season, many thought his illustrious career was over. Down and seemingly out, he is now fighting his way back to the top, much like Diane is doing with her legal skills, but with tennis instead of law things!


2. Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic vs Adam Conover

In the hit show Adam Ruins Everything, host Adam Conover hilariously examines ideas and products we commonly trust, revealing uncomfortable truths until such things are debunked and ruined forever. Though Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic are yet to ruin their careers entirely, at times it seems like they are trying desperately hard to do so, making this comparison much less of a stretch than certain others on this admittedly questionable list. Come on, guys! We all want to support you so badly. Please stop doing dumb things and just let us love you. 


3. Maria Sharapova vs Elena Ledesma

Making her long-awaited comeback after a lengthy doping ban, Maria Sharapova returns to the US Open under a cloud of drama, with fans unsure what to expect from the former number one player. Similarly, though there is no suggestion Fortitude's Elena Ledesma (Verónica Echegui) is a doping bandit who should be banned from her profession, she is a layered character surrounded by mystery and intrigue, so for the purposes of this list, it's close enough.


4. Novak Djokovic vs The Joker

Both in terms of personality and appearance, Novak Djokovic bears extremely little resemblance to The Joker (Cesar Romero) from Batman, but their names sound vaguely familiar so he more than qualifies to appear on this already incredibly tenuous list. Special mention also goes to US player and 13th seed Jack Sock, whose surname serves as a reminder of every Batman fight scene ever.


5. John McEnroe vs Jamie Hyneman

As the co-host of Mythbusters, Jamie Hyneman employs the tenets of science to bust myths in an entertaining and informative manner. He also seems like he could fly off the handle at any moment, unleashing a torrent of fury at the slightest aggravation, leaving bystanders and the rest of the world in imminent danger. Admittedly, John McEnroe lacks a moustache and probably knows less about science than Hyneman, but the similarities of personality are obvious, or at least plausible as long as you don’t think about it too much... or at all.


6. The landscape of The Frozen Dead vs Karolina Pliskova

Anyone watching mysterious crime drama The Frozen Dead will understand why the stunning mountain landscape is commonly listed as a captivating character in its own right. With a pleasant demeanour but otherwise normal human attributes, Karolina Pliskova may not be a snow-covered French town herself, but behind her charm and appealing character, the current world number one has a cool, lethal game that no opponent should ever underestimate. Also, she is rumoured to work as a detective solving crimes in her spare time, although this is yet to be confirmed.


7. Steffi Graf vs Diplo

One of the greatest players of all time, Steffi Graf won 22 Grand Slam titles, dominating the sport for almost two decades to become one of the most decorated and respected champions in the history of tennis. Diplo from What Would Diplo Do? is also pretty good at his job, so the similarity is undeniable.


8. Every player in the tournament vs every contestant on If You Are the One

The US Open is one of the most prestigious tournaments in tennis, won by only the most skilled and durable of players. Yet with all due respect, it is nothing compared to the vicious, competitive blood-sport of If You Are the One. With competitors being publicly shot down for even the most minor of imperfections, dating has never been more brutal and captivating, making the contestants every bit the equal, if not superior to any athlete in this year’s tournament.


Realistically none of the players in the tournament are much like the people in these shows. If they were, none of them would be playing in the US Open because none of these TV characters are professional tennis players.

That being said, the thing these TV shows and the US Open have in common is that they are all captivating, with this year’s tournament proving one of the most exciting and unpredictable in recent memory. So feel free to tune in and confirm these similarities don’t really exist while enjoying some amazing, high quality tennis from the best players in the world.


Watch all the 2017 US Open action from the quarter-finals onwards live, free and in HD on SBS, and streamed live via SBS On Demand. Starting from 9am on Wednesday 6 September through to the women's singles final on 10 September and men's singles final on 11 September.

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