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As new art reveals, when the critically adored Search Party returns for its second season, it will have a very strong Hitchcock vibe.
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7 Sep 2017 - 10:09 AM  UPDATED 7 Sep 2017 - 10:09 AM

Discerning TV viewers will all agree that one of the absolute best TV shows of the past year was Search Party. Its first season could be best described as a 'hipster Nancy Drew' with a group of friends searching for a lost friend of theirs, while also searching for a sense of themselves in a narcissistic social media-driven world. 

For the second season coming soon, the show is dropping its Nancy Drew influence and fully embracing Alfred Hitchcock as an inspiration for another season of hilarious and introspective mystery investigation. To highlight the Hitchcockian tone to the new season, the promotional artwork for the new season has gone full Hitchcock, with posters inspired by iconic movie posters like Vertigo, North By Northwest, Strangers on A Train, Dial M For Murder, and more. 


You can find the complete collection of Hitchcock-inspirered Search Party artwork at Refinery29.

Season one of Search Party is streaming now on SBS On Demand:

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