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It’s lifestyles of the rich and murderous.
Evan Valletta

4 Oct 2017 - 11:17 AM  UPDATED 6 Oct 2017 - 11:07 AM

We've all heard TV locations described as "another character" in the series. Like New York City in Sex and the City, Fargo in the series of the same name or any time a show's setting becomes an integral and definitive part of the story. That's never been truer than in Riviera.

The drama series created and co-written by Neil Jordan might star Julia Stiles and our own Anthony LaPaglia, but the biggest drawcard is the lavish backdrop of the French Riviera. It’s a relentless feast for the eyes, featuring some of the most gorgeous locations ever put to the small screen.

Want proof? Here's just a taste of the visual delights in Riviera to whet your appetite for the show (and your next holiday).


We spend most of our time in Monaco on the eye-watering French Riviera...


...a place so gorgeous it requires multiple establishing shots


Upon closer inspection, it’s clear the region’s beauty is not contained to topographic shots...


...nor to shots taken during the day


This is the Clios estate, the residence of our protagonist and the family she married into


It’s a sprawling locale complete with arches and statues and manicured greenery…


…and one hell of a backyard pool


If you were to walk its grounds, you would instantly become six times sexier


If you were to walk its interiors, you’d never have a chance of hitting your head on a door frame or ceiling


The Clios family take to the Riviera as if it’s their own, whether by yacht…


...or during relaxing afternoon drives…


...or through waterside confrontations…


...or unfortunate ceremonies


And don’t get us started on the sunsets


Before we finish up, let’s look at one more establishing shot of Monaco


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