• Adam Looking For Eve (Germany) is always a visually informative exploration of dating. (SBS)Source: SBS
Put a spring in your step with SBS Online’s line-up of specials looking at the worlds of romance and relationships.
19 Oct 2017 - 2:26 PM  UPDATED 24 Oct 2017 - 1:48 PM

It's spring: people are going out more... they're getting flirty. The feeling of "love" is definitely in the air. But after putting things on ice over winter, chances are the spring thaw might have left your romantic skills a little rusty. We're here to help with seven of SBS On Demand's hottest specials to fire you up for the steamy season ahead.


Adam Looking For Eve (Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark)

Everyone knows how dating shows work – you take an attractive couple, put them together in an exciting location and wait until the sparks fly. Adam Looking For Eve adds one extra element (and by “adds” we mean “takes away”): their clothes. Did we mention the exotic location in which this all-nude dating is taking place is a tropical island? Presumably, Finnish audiences aren’t intimately familiar with the concept of sunburn, because while there’s a lot of fun flirting going on here – especially once a love rival is introduced part-way through each episode – the constant awareness that the sun is now shining on places where the sun isn’t meant to shine is a bit distracting. Also, while cooking might be a great way to bond, is doing it naked really such a great idea?


Insight: "Dating Race"

On this episode of Insight, host Jenny Brockie meets people with a sexual predilection that’s still difficult to talk about – they’re only attracted to people outside their own race. Is it a simple matter of opposites attract or is it a rejection of their own culture and heritage? And digging deeper, what role do racial stereotypes play in our sexual desires, and does it really matter if they do have an impact on what turns us on?


Undressed (UK, Italy)

Setting a couple the challenge to undress each other in 30 minutes doesn’t sound like much of a challenge. But if it’s the first time they’ve ever met, well, now you’ve got yourself a television series. There’s more to this thought-provoking show than just a race to the bare essentials. Various questions and prompts flash on a big screen in the room (the only other furniture? A double bed) guiding the couple to first strip down and then ask each other a series on in-depth questions. The idea is that by immediately getting to the core elements of a relationship – emotional and physical nakedness – the couple will reach the kind of intimacy that otherwise would take weeks or never happen at all. When the half hour is up, the couples are asked if they’d like to continue the experience. If they say yes, the cameras are turned off. Chances are, they’re the only things that are.


Love and Rockets

China is a big, big country, so you might think the opportunities to meet a partner here aren’t exactly in short supply. Wrong. Thanks to the One Child policy and a cultural preference for boys, China now has around 50 million more men than women. For these men, hoping to just casually meet the love of their life is out and hiring a professional matchmaker is in. Does all this competition mean love is no longer a factor? And when it becomes a buyers market for women, what do they go after: good looks or financial stability and success?



Sex in the World's Cities

So you’re thinking about an overseas trip. Do you just get on a plane to anywhere and stumble around randomly once you arrive at your mystery destination? Probably not. Instead, you do your research, figure out what you’re interested in seeing and doing, and find out which locations offer the best opportunities to experience those things. And if one of those things you’re interested in doing might be hooking up with a local or two, then this French series is definitely the show for you. Sex in the World's Cities is a sexual survey of 14 of the world’s most, er, liveable cities, taking in what they’re getting up to that the other guys aren’t. Sex and sexuality aren’t the same the world over, so it pays to do your research.


Dateline: "Love, Sex and Science"

Science has done a lot for humanity over the centuries, but when it comes to meeting that special someone, we mostly go with our gut (and maybe an app or two). Could science have found the formula for true love? While we’ve been basing our approach on “has a nice smile” or “isn’t a horrible racist”, could personality questionnaires, DNA tests and brain scans provide a more sensible and sure-fire way of finding a perfect match?



Broadly: "The Last Lesbian Bars"

This special episode of Vice series Broadly takes a look at one of American LGTBIQ culture's bigger mysteries: why are lesbian bars struggling to survive? Taking in four of America’s biggest cities for gay culture – New York, San Francisco, New Orleans and Washington DC – host JD Samson tries to find out why lesbians bars are closing down while bars aimed at gay men still seem to be doing just fine. Is online dating a factor? Has the old idea of bar culture fallen out of favour? Is the cliché that lesbians settle down after the first date really true? Or is it something more mundane, like rising rents? After all, these are places that sell alcohol where you can go to meet people you’re possible going to want to have sex with – how can this not be a successful business model?

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