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An act of terrorism isn't necessarily what it seems as politicians and power brokers make their bid to control France in this gripping new drama series.
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10 Nov 2017 - 10:29 AM  UPDATED 10 Nov 2017 - 11:21 AM

A terrorist explosion sets in motion a series of events that may lead to one of France's greatest political scandals. Welcome to Spin, a French political drama where there is no room for political idealism in a world where the stakes are so high and everyone has their own self-serving agenda.

When the President is fatally injured during a bombing while visiting a factory recently shut down due to strike action, the Prime Minister makes it clear that he'll run for the presidency of France. Prime Minister Philippe Deleuvre and the now-late President didn't see eye-to-eye politically, so when Deleuvre makes it clear he will run for President spin doctor and close confidant of the President Simon Kapita is spurred to action. Deleuvre, needing a skilled political operative like Kapita makes him a job offer. Kapita declines, but vows to bring down Deleuvre's campaign from the inside.

The foundation of all of the political maneuvering on Spin is built on what might be a lie. The terrorist bombing incident may not be what it appeared to be. And what does Presidential candidate Deleuvre know about the truth?

As you delve further into the world of politics, power, and manipulation through Spin, the more it becomes apparent that the problem with politics is that the process gets corrupted as soon as people get involved. It's the inter-personal relationships and desires that makes Spin such compelling television.


Simon Kapita (Bruno Wolkowitch)

As the show opens, Kapita is done with politics in France. He was great at his job and has seemingly left on good terms with his former boss, the President. It's time for new challenges, including a possible new job at the UN. But, as Prime Minister Philippe Deleuvre makes his bid for greater power, Kapita feels he must step up and defend the legacy of his departed friend. 

Kapita is clearly principled, but is his trust in former colleagues misplaced?


Philippe Deleuvre (Phillippe Magnan)

Prime Minister of France and Presidential aspirant, Deleuvre did not have a friendly relationship with the former President. While not aligned ideologically, it was politically beneficial to bring Deleuvre into the fold. Now running for the Presidency in an upcoming election, Deleuvre seems very willing to further perpetuate the lie that the bombing was motivated by terrorism to further his own political ambition.


Ludovic Desmeuze (Grégory Fitoussi)

The Prime Ministers new political advisor also happens to be Kapita's former protégé. Desmeuze aligning with Deleuvre is the first betrayal in the series, but it is assuredly not going to be the last.


Anne Visage (Nathalie Baye)

The Secretary for Social Affairs was with the President visiting a factory strike in Saint Etienne when the explosion took place.Physically unscathed by the tragic incident, Visage is angered by the journalists asking questions about the incident. "I'm of no significance in this tragedy. Please leave me alone," she barks at a group of reporters before going inside to be alone where she emotionally breaks down. Is Visage simply upset because of the trauma that she experienced that day, or do her tears reflect more than the loss of a respected colleague?


You can stream the first two seasons of the highly compelling Spin now, just in time for the debut of season 3 next week at SBS On Demand:

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